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New List Tables

The New List Tables (NLT) project is a React-based prototyping area for ideas around content management improvements in WordPress. This project is being lead by the REST API core focus, and aims to modernise the WordPress Dashboard.

Currently Supported

  • Support for multiple list tables: To ensure the approach applies across multiple different screens, the multiple list tables need to be prototyped. Currently, comments and posts are supported.
  • Support for "legacy" columns (non-JS): Exploring the backwards compatibility system is key. The current implementation asynchronously loads all columns which aren't supported in JS.


  • Plugin interface to register custom columns: We need to provide a way to register custom behaviour.
  • Support for custom list tables: We should also allow registering additional list tables to support.


This repository is open for collaboration, and we'd love your help as we prototype ideas for improvements to the Dashboard.

We follow the Human Made React and ES6 styleguides, which build on-top of the existing WordPress JavaScript styleguides.

This project is licensed under the GPL v2. Copyright contributors.


The NLT project is built in React, and requires a build process via tools available on npm. You need to have both Node and NPM installed on your system. You'll also need git to clone this repository.

  1. Clone the project via git into your plugins directory:

    git clone
  2. Install the npm dependencies:

    cd new-list-table
    npm install
  3. Run the webpack development server

    npm start