A tool for reviewing Articles for Creation submissions on the English Wikipedia
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v0.9 Hatted Hamster

A tool for reviewing Articles for Creation submissions on the English Wikipedia, rewritten using clear, object-oriented JavaScript with a focus on killing bloat while adding value.


The script can be installed on the English Wikipedia by following the instructions at WP:AFCH.


Looking for detailed instructions about how to contribute to the afch-rewrite source code? Check out the Getting Started article on the wiki!

Your contributions are welcome! Please add feature requests and bug reports to WT:AFCH on enwiki to keep discussions centralized.

If you'd like to contribute directly to the code, that's great too! In order to maintain great code quality, please submit significant changes using pull requests so that a consistent code style can be maintained throughout the project.

Protip for developers: Set AFCH.consts.mockItUp = true; using your browser console and instead of making API requests which modify wiki content, the script will log what it would have done instead.


We have unit tests! afch-rewrite uses Jest for testing, a framework built on top of Jasmine that offers dead-simple mocking, built-in simulated DOM manipulation using jsdom, and more.

Tests are stored in the __tests__ directory and are run automatically on new commits via Travis.

Uploading and releasing the script

To upload the script to a wiki, use scripts/upload.py. Detailed instructions are included at the top of the file.

New versions of the script can be released through scripts/release.py, which automatically updates version history, inline version constants, package.json, etc.

Version history

  • 0.9 Hatted Hamster (8 November 2014)
  • 0.8 Wandering Walrus (18 May 2014)
  • 0.7 Less is More (13 April 2014)
  • 0.6 Dancing Turtle (27 March 2014)
  • 0.5 Cold Moose (21 March 2014)
  • 0.4 Rewired Robot (14 March 2014)
  • 0.3 Excited Murmur (12 March 2014)
  • 0.2 Egalitarian Elephant (27 February 2014)
  • 0.1 Exploding Fireball (4 January 2014)


afch-rewrite is licensed under the GNU General Public License version 3; see LICENSE for more information.