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Welcome to AFCH, a powerful tool for reviewing Articles for creation submissions. The tool aims to be largely intuitive; if you find elements of the software unclear, do let us know!

Where does AFCH run?

AFCH runs on AFC-applicable pages that begin with any of the following strings:

  • Wikipedia talk:Articles for creation/
  • Wikipedia:Articles for creation/
  • Draft:
  • User:

If you'd like a page to test the script out on, use Wikipedia talk:Articles for creation/sandbox, a page designed specifically for testing. Feel free to explore different features of the script on that page.

How do I launch AFCH?

To launch AFCH, click on the upside-down triangle icon in the toolbar on an AFC-applicable page and then on the Review (AFCH) link.

Tip: You can also launch AFCH using the keyboard access key 1. For instructions on how to use access keys in your browser, see this table (typically, Mac: Ctrl + Opt + 1; Windows: Alt + Shift + 1).

What can I do using AFCH?

AFCH has many features. When reviewing a submission, a subset of the following options will be available depending on the automatically parsed submission status.

Additionally, clicking on the < to the right of the main buttons reveals the following additional options:

After performing any of these actions, the page will reload in place, allowing you to inspect your changes. Diff links are available for each edit the script made automatically.


Never-submitted or declined submissions can be submitted through the AFCH interface. When submitting, you can choose to submit as

  • Any past submitters
  • The page creator
  • Yourself
  • Someone else (custom)

Submitting will add a new {{AFC submission}} template to the page.


When accepting a currently-submitted submission, many options are available.

  • New title: Enter a new title for the submission. If the title already exists or is blocked from creation (either manually by an administrator or by the TitleBlacklist), an error is shown.
  • Assessment: Class assessment, used in WikiProject banners on the new article's talk page.
  • Add WikiProjects: Begin typing to find WikiProject banners to add to the new article's talk page.
  • Add categories: Begin typing to search for categories in which to list the new article.
  • Is the article a biography: When checked, you will be prompted for more information about the subject of the article. While optional, any data entered will help with Persondata, Defaultsort, and WikiProject Biography classification.

After the "Accept & publish" button is pressed, the article is published and cleaned. AFC-related templates are removed. The talk page is created, and if "Notify submitter" was enabled, the submitter is notified as well.


Currently-submitted articles can be declined. When declining a submission, you will be prompted for a rationale.

Tip: Your most frequently used rationales are shown at the top of the menu for easy access. This list is built automatically as you use AFCH.

When declining, you can also choose to blank or tag applicable submissions for deletion.


The comment function adds a new comment to the top of the page, beneath the submission template. When adding a comment, you can choose to notify the submitter via a message on their talk page.

G13 speedy deletion

The helper script includes functions for tagging articles for speedy deletion under the G13 criterion, "Abandoned Articles for creation submission", simply put, AFC submissions that aren't currently submitted and haven't been edited for over 6 months. When G13 applies to the page you are reviewing, two additional options appear on the main AFCH screen:

  • Tag for G13 deletion adds a deletion tag to the top of the page.
  • Postpone G13 deletion edits the page to reset the 6-month counter, providing additional time for the submission to be "saved". When postponing deletion, you are encouraged to enter your reason for postponing in the comment box that appears.


A number of difference routines remove and modify submission content based on a series of rules. Some of the features available include:

  • external link to wikilink conversion ([ Apple] -> [[Apple]], as well as numerous special cases)
  • removal of unneeded HTML comments (for example, prompts to "Press the save page button..." or "EDIT BELOW THIS LINE"
  • reference correction: move references after end punctuation, removal of unnecessary whitespace, and more
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