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Add regex to strip the G13 postponement template if it's being accept…

…ed to mainspace
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1 parent 9ac823d commit d41fc716bfacc1ae20bbb819d46d21cd3512f161 @hasteur hasteur committed Jan 13, 2014
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2 src/submissions.js
@@ -1105,6 +1105,8 @@ function afcHelper_cleanup(text,type) {
text = text.replace(/\<\!-- Do not include any categories - these don't need to be added until the article is accepted; They will just get removed by a bot! --\>/ig, "");
text = text.replace(/\<\!-{1,3}\s*Important, do not remove this line before (template|article) has been created.\s*-{1,3}\>/ig, "");
text = text.replace(/\[\[:Category:Articles created via the Article Wizard\]\]/gi, "[[Category:Articles created via the Article Wizard]]");
+ // Strip the AFC G13 postponement template
+ text = text.replace(/\{\{AfC postpone G13\|.\}\}\n\n/gi,"");
theopolisme added a note Jan 15, 2014

Better version on the way

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} else {
// If we're not accepting, comment out categories
text = text.replace(/\[\[Category:/gi, "\[\[:Category:");

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