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Commits on Sep 25, 2013
@theopolisme theopolisme Ignore external links to internal pages #183 accc5e3
@theopolisme theopolisme Fix major bug that broke all notifications
/me trouts @Riamse
@theopolisme theopolisme Ignore external links to internal pages #183 0384cc6
Commits on Sep 26, 2013
@Technical-13 Technical-13 Update ffu.js
Added afcdeclined to decline reasons per issue #181
@Technical-13 Technical-13 Add {{Afc postpone|n}} template when submitting drafts more than six …
…months stale.

Resolution for issue #184 after testing on testwiki.
@theopolisme theopolisme Add input box for name of submission when declining/on-holding for AFC

Also add afcd support
Commits on Sep 27, 2013
wikipedia-mabdul fix syntax error 062916c
wikipedia-mabdul some semicolons (syntax) 1482c4b
Commits on Sep 28, 2013
@Technical-13 Technical-13 Update ffu.js
Clean up some AfD and AfC stuffs.
@Technical-13 Technical-13 Update ffu.js
Okay, some more work on #181 #182 & #185
@Technical-13 Technical-13 Update ffu.js
This should finish it up for #181 #182 and #185
@theopolisme theopolisme Speed up loading of `accept` menu by getting wikiprojects asynchronously edf420f
wikipedia-mabdul regex improvements a27d289
wikipedia-mabdul Merge branch 'develop' of into develop e776563
wikipedia-mabdul some semicolons again 6882ffd
@theopolisme theopolisme Fix flawed logic
@Technical-13, remember, the `if` statements execute in order (and run
the *first* one that evaluates to true) -- so in your code, if
`(sub_m.holdrat == 'afd') && (sub_m.addloc)` were both true then it
would execute *that* statement, completely ignoring whether or not
`sub_m.addtl` was true, since it is only checked for in the `if`
statement below that (which never executes). Regardless, fixed. See
test edit
@theopolisme theopolisme Display "no target given" for…submissions without a target bb8a0c2
@theopolisme theopolisme Line breaks would be nice.
@wikipedia-mabdul this was the jquery conversion too… :/
@theopolisme theopolisme Fix major AfC/R bug that caused all of the review interfaces to stack up
This would occur if the user changed their mind -- e.g., clicked
"Accept" and then "Decline." Both the accept and decline options would
be visible on screen (since the old options were never removed -- once
again the jquery conversion…)
@theopolisme theopolisme Wrap `core.js` in an anonymous function, part of #188
This is necessary for my fix for #189
@theopolisme theopolisme If we're not viewing the page, don't show the review links; #189 b9dfb92
Commits on Sep 29, 2013
@theopolisme theopolisme Stop removing so many newlines
See bad
_creation/theo_sandbox&diff=180691&oldid=180690 versus good
@theopolisme theopolisme Display the "Done" text only after all ajax requests are completed; c…
@theopolisme theopolisme Store page statuses in afcHelper_pageStatuses; #190
Currently we utilize this list for the dynamic buttons. It still needs
to be applied to other things (for example: rather than using
pending_re, just use $.inArray('', afcHelper_pageStatuses) )
@theopolisme theopolisme Use afcHelper_ prefix for css class name to avoid conflicts; #191
Also remove way too broad "shadow" code (this was affecting ALL
@theopolisme theopolisme Convert to afcHelper_notice, add endquotes that were removed for some…
… reason
@theopolisme theopolisme Revert "Wrap `core.js` in an anonymous function" and "If we're not vi…
…ewing the page, don't show the review links"

The anonymous function messes up the globals… I knew that was too easy.
Commits on Oct 01, 2013
@Technical-13 Technical-13 Create displaymessage.js
We call this code, so we should have a local copy of it in the repo to be able to change and fix things.
@Technical-13 Technical-13 Fix for #159 7427cee
@Technical-13 Technical-13 Update core.js 0d7d6e6
@Technical-13 Technical-13 Update submissions.js b49094b
@Technical-13 Technical-13 Update submissions.js
Fix for --
[14:10:18.397] ReferenceError: assignment to undeclared variable afcHelper_authorusername @
@Technical-13 Technical-13 Update submissions.js 6141c71
@Technical-13 Technical-13 Update submissions.js 88df702
@Technical-13 Technical-13 Update submissions.js 9018896
@Technical-13 Technical-13 Update submissions.js 0e8af2b
@Technical-13 Technical-13 Cleaned up all "ReferenceError: assignment to undeclared variable " e… 44eac17
@Technical-13 Technical-13 Fix all "SyntaxError: test for equality (==) mistyped as assignment (… 954da18
@Technical-13 Technical-13 "TypeError: variable repeat redeclares argument" fixed 4555ebb
@Technical-13 Technical-13 "SyntaxError: property name leprop appears more than once in object l…
…iteral" fixed

Fix for [14:38:12.151] SyntaxError: property name leprop appears more than once in object literal @
@theopolisme theopolisme Revert "Fix all "SyntaxError: test for equality (==) mistyped as assi…
…gnment (=)?" on script load"

This reverts commit 954da18.
@theopolisme theopolisme Revert "Update submissions.js"
This reverts commit 7973482.
@theopolisme theopolisme Revert "Update core.js"
This is not the page id we're talking about… look at This
reverts commit 0d7d6e6.
Commits on Oct 05, 2013
@theopolisme theopolisme Make edit summaries more detailed #193 c48f7e0
Commits on Oct 06, 2013
@theopolisme theopolisme This is causing errors with afch_sync and afch_updater 38da358
@theopolisme theopolisme begone, erroneous editconflict messages; #194 3f23e4d
@theopolisme theopolisme Use contents of textarea if reviewer is in edit mode; #189 67a253a
Commits on Oct 07, 2013
wikipedia-mabdul adding a new cleanup rule 2ad25e2
Commits on Oct 08, 2013
@theopolisme theopolisme Add support for modern skin; #187
The modern skin does not use a bodyContent div, which was preventing
the clicks on "Review request" from triggering anything. Changed to a
more general selector.
@theopolisme theopolisme Use new {{{full}}} parameter with afc decline; #178 9a88eba
@theopolisme theopolisme Improve regex for afcHelper_submissionTitle
Only match ONCE at beginning of string (stops script from thinking that
the title of "Wikipedia talk:Articles for creation/test of Articles for
creation/21" is "test of 21", for example. Edge cases are fun!
wikipedia-mabdul Update NPOV reason b0035fb
@theopolisme theopolisme Rather than use a list of single-element objects, combine all of a te…
…mplate's data into one object

/me gently trouts @wikipedia-mabdul for his obfuscation
@theopolisme theopolisme Revert "Update NPOV reason"
eation/Helper_script#Small_discrepancy // This reverts commit
@theopolisme theopolisme Handle cases when people substitute the archive top/bottom templates bd98617
@theopolisme theopolisme avoid variable conflicts 18d044e
@theopolisme theopolisme Change awkward semicolons/commas to periods; remove extraneous spaces…
… from page names
@theopolisme theopolisme If no title is specified, still allow request to be reviewed; #63
Thinking about it further, I DON'T think "decline, blank" should be
preselected, as there could be more details in the request itself --
hence why I made the notice say "check the request details" :)
@theopolisme theopolisme Completely revamp section parsing code
Nothing like a one liner.
Commits on Oct 09, 2013
@theopolisme theopolisme Ho hum, just…you know…make autoed actually work. bbcd0ea
@theopolisme theopolisme Remove non-working formatgeneral.js code
It was never being executed. Whaddya know…
@theopolisme theopolisme Remove apparently broken AutoEd implementation as well
importScriptURI is asynchronous, which means the code doesn't wait for
the scripts to load before continuing, resulting in reference errors
(the reason I didn't see them is becuause I had AutoEd installed
already as a userscript, so it was pre-loading it). @wikipedia-mabdul
we need to get away from importScriptURI… and this needs to be figured
out by next release.
wikipedia-mabdul Cleanup: remove unneeded variable
We use now teh mwAPI
wikipedia-mabdul GUI: caps matters 3bb58c9
wikipedia-mabdul Bugfix: multiple times clicking on review will provide a clean interface bb47f3d
wikipedia-mabdul Feature: automatically mark redirects as declined 989b572
wikipedia-mabdul Cleanup: remove already initialized variables acef8c0
wikipedia-mabdul GUI: add links, polish design, some BRs, whitespaces, adding my code
!trout @theopolisme stop inventing the wheel when I already invented it. Leave redirects.js for me for a few weeks please
@theopolisme theopolisme Revert "Cleanup: remove unneeded variable"
This reverts commit 8639ca2. ….We
still use this.
wikipedia-mabdul provide a test that anons don't use the script e4a3597
@theopolisme theopolisme Revert "provide a test that anons don't use the script"
[[Wikipedia:IPs are human too]]. I think I see where you're coming from
-- the result of that RFC -- but I don't want to implement anything at
this point in time without more community discussion. This reverts
commit e4a3597.
wikipedia-mabdul Bugfix: missed a bracket in manual merge 6955250
wikipedia-mabdul Merge branch 'develop' of into develop 09016bf
wikipedia-mabdul two BRs too much, removing all GUI elements when choosing (again) 'none' d910950
wikipedia-mabdul Feature: moving wikilink correction function to core.js and use it in…
… redirects.js
Commits on Oct 10, 2013
@theopolisme theopolisme Remove random space from Flickuploadbot url 4231a7a
Commits on Oct 11, 2013
wikipedia-mabdul [[CSD:G1-12]] --> [[WP:G1-12]] d004b8c
Commits on Oct 12, 2013
@theopolisme theopolisme Fix problem where unescaped html entities could hide the rest of the …
…helper script

@theopolisme theopolisme Fix broken AFC/R (#199) and also work on styling 0bf6126
@theopolisme theopolisme Fix more bugs with AFC/R; see #199 f4cd2da
@theopolisme theopolisme Support for defaultsort; #72 073adaa
@theopolisme theopolisme Only display comma if date is proved in persondata; fix newline behav…
…ior; reorder to match [[WP:ORDER]]
@theopolisme theopolisme Feature: check validity of move targets as they are typed
When accepting a submission and typing a target title, users will be
told if the title is available, if a page already exists at that title,
or, even more specifically, if the title is a redirect (and then in
turn what its target is). Uses a new `afcHelper_checkTarget()` function
and `onkeyup`.
@theopolisme theopolisme Only display the Review link if the page exists; #200 310998b
@theopolisme theopolisme Fix AutoEd implementation; #197
Try running the script to see what it looks like. Note that
formatgeneral.js is still causing trouble, so I've left it commented
Commits on Oct 13, 2013
@theopolisme theopolisme Better error messages e5f8bc7
Commits on Oct 14, 2013
@Technical-13 Technical-13 Added some console logging too to make sure that the error messages a…
…ren't getting overwritten before they can be read.
@theopolisme theopolisme Revert "Added some console logging too to make sure that the error me…
…ssages aren't getting overwritten before they can be read."

`console` should NOT be used in production for numerous reasons; see
comments on reverted commit. This reverts commit
@theopolisme theopolisme Reinstate @Technical-13's console.error() with safeguard in place ab1ed06
Commits on Oct 16, 2013
@theopolisme theopolisme Re-add inadvertently removed file; #202
/me trouts himself. Sorry guys.
Commits on Oct 17, 2013
@theopolisme theopolisme Show more of the custom decline rationale (5 words wasn't really that…
… much)
Commits on Oct 19, 2013
@theopolisme theopolisme Instructional comments shouldn't be removed until draft is accepted; #… f00efec
@theopolisme theopolisme If notify is false, don't pretend that we've notified anyone in the c…
…sd log
Commits on Oct 23, 2013
@theopolisme theopolisme Try to clarify summaries somewhat
"Under review" seems like a better/more accurate fit, per the email
@wikipedia-mabdul forwared to me. I don't know…if you have a better
idea, I'm all ears.
Commits on Oct 31, 2013
@theopolisme theopolisme Don't output an unnecessary arrow when declining as blank or notredirect 79c4699
Commits on Nov 02, 2013
@theopolisme theopolisme Consistent css classes throughout 015a591
@theopolisme theopolisme Disable the "accept" button if the target title already exists ed7e2cf
Commits on Nov 04, 2013
@theopolisme theopolisme [cosmetic] fix spacing 278d7b2
@theopolisme theopolisme More descriptive button states per discussion in ed7e2cf
@Technical-13, please try this out and let me know your thoughts.
@theopolisme theopolisme Reenable button if unable to check 4113bd5
@theopolisme theopolisme Use $.support rather than depreciated wfSupportsAjax() 3f87b47
Commits on Nov 07, 2013
@theopolisme theopolisme Fix bug where /recent would not be updated 3e6ab68
@theopolisme theopolisme Fix commenting functionality when accepting a submission ceabd97
@theopolisme theopolisme Copyedit [minor] 4e39dd3
Commits on Nov 08, 2013
@theopolisme theopolisme trim comments 4217c2d
Commits on Nov 10, 2013
@theopolisme theopolisme Switch to mw.loader rather than depreciated importScriptURI ef82979
@theopolisme theopolisme Update readme df650c6
@theopolisme theopolisme Trim inputs (see 4217c2d) c16816f
@theopolisme theopolisme New beta release (10 November 2013) 13ea0a0