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wikipedia-mabdul commented Jul 30, 2013

e.g.: auto turn on of the teahouse invitation, watchlisting (and related checkboxes, etc.)

Similar to TWINKLE or however "you" want to implement it. Original development failed on loading the correct page. But that doesn't seem to be a problem any more (with the AutoEd integration and so on...)


theopolisme commented Jul 30, 2013

[[User:USERNAME/afch.js]] is a reference point. I can work on this once more pressing issues are dealt with.


wikipedia-mabdul commented Aug 17, 2013

Ideas for preferences
(everyone, feel free add to this list)

*enable/disable logging #123
*prompt for "mark as reviewing" #125

@wikipedia-mabdul wikipedia-mabdul pushed a commit that referenced this issue Sep 21, 2013

wikipedia-mabdul new warnings for reviewing
related to #164, #83 (choosing another timeformat? using enwp's? using local?), #30

wikipedia-mabdul commented Sep 21, 2013

enwp's access keys:

enwps accesskeys

testwp's access keys:
testwps accesskeys


Technical-13 commented Sep 21, 2013

I went through with Opera 12.16 and made a similar list (which I sorted and tried multiple pages and settings so some letters are redundant) for enwp...

enwp accesskey list from opera


legoktm commented Oct 3, 2013

Twinkle stores stuff on a User:Foo/twinkleoptions.js, but I think it would be better to use action=options. Then reading is as simple as mw.user.options.get('user-afch-prefname').

We just need an interface for editing and viewing prefs then.


Technical-13 commented Oct 3, 2013

I was actually just looking at that section of the API the other day in regards to an idea about being able to toggle gadgets for Equazcion's "scriptInstaller" script. He doesn't want to complicate his script with such extra functions, but I agree that it is a good idea to use this as @legoktm suggests.


wikipedia-mabdul commented Oct 3, 2013

just curious: this API is available for every developer to add, remove and modify ANY preferences, even the "not standard stuff"? (so we are allowed to add new stuff?)


legoktm commented Oct 4, 2013

Yes. We can add any preference value that we can come up with.


theopolisme commented Oct 4, 2013

So could we use something like mw.user.options.get('userjs-afch') and store a json encoded dictionary of settings? Looking at the docs it seems like that would be possible...


legoktm commented Oct 4, 2013

Yuuuuuup! :D


theopolisme commented Oct 4, 2013



theopolisme commented Oct 5, 2013

Going to work on this.


Technical-13 commented Oct 6, 2013

Good start on the framework @theopolisme
:07] <+T13|needsCoffee> Setting the preference is one thing, making them do something will probably be what takes a little work.
[12:07] <+T13|needsCoffee> How do we want to handle that?
[12:08] <+T13|needsCoffee> Do we want to pull their user preferences at the script load or just pull them as needed from the mw globals?
[12:08] Quit: theopolisme [Remote host closed the connection]
Can you set up some jspref tests and I'll run my 8-10 different browsers through to see which is fastest?


theopolisme commented Oct 6, 2013

I've already got it set framework I meant both storing and getting...all the preferences are put into a global.

@theopolisme theopolisme added a commit that referenced this issue Nov 11, 2013

@theopolisme theopolisme Offer a link to the next submission in queue, #204
Since users should be working (typically) from the back to front, we
show a link to the next newer submission. If #83 is done then whether a
user wants to move backwards or forwards can become a user pref.

theopolisme commented Nov 17, 2013

Status update:

Significant work on this, you can it out yourself with

importScript("User:Theo's Little Bot/afchprefs/afchelper.js"); // cutting edge man

Prefs can be set at [[WP:AFCH/P]].

@wikipedia-mabdul @Technical-13 ^


ghost commented Dec 23, 2013

Please could this be merged and rolled out to all gadget users who didn't follow advice in this last comment.


theopolisme commented Dec 24, 2013

@Gryllida I've written all of the code necessary to support preferences, but someone needs to actually add the preferences... @wikipedia-mabdul @Technical-13 @hasteur instructions are at the top of the js file iirc.


wikipedia-mabdul commented Dec 24, 2013

well if nobody is faster, I will do it over Christmas as I have to set up three windows PCs (they are still stable, but using XP...)

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