Add and remove Cron job in WordPress easily!
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Add and remove Cron job in WordPress easily!


composer require wpbp/cronplus:dev-master

composer-php52 supported.


$args = array(
    // to execute at a specific time based on recurrence
    'time' => '18:00:00', // not mandatory, will use the current time
    // hourly, daily, twicedaily, weekly, monthly or timestamp for single event
    'recurrence' => 'hourly',
    // schedule (specific interval) or single (at the time specified)
    'schedule' => 'schedule',
    // Name of the Cron job used internally
    'name' => 'cronplusexample',
    // Callback to execute when the cron job is launched
    'cb' => 'cronplus_example',
    // Multisite support disabled by default
    'multisite'=> false,
    // Used on deactivation for register_deactivation_hook to cleanup
    'plugin_root_file'=> '',
    // When the event is scheduled is also executed 
    'run_on_creation'=> false,
    // Args passed to the hook executed during the cron
    'args' => array( get_the_ID() )

function cronplus_example( $id ) {
	echo $id;

$cronplus = new CronPlus( $args );
// Schedule the event
// Remove the event by the schedule
// Jump the scheduled event