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WordPress Plugin Boilerplate Powered


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WordPress Plugin Boilerplate Powered is a complete foundation for building your WordPress plugins following PSR-4 standard.
The project history is part of the Wiki that also includes the workflow and how it is organized.

Every experienced WordPress developer uses always the same libraries (or snippets) but at the same time follows best practices.
Choose a library or a snippet and the boilerplate (with the help of the Code Generator) will generate everything without the need of manual copy&paste way or searching on the Internet!


Available Libraries and other stuff

  • Code Generator to start development
  • Sass support and Grunt (not mandatory because the generator can remove them)
  • PSR-4 support by Composer but extended to load classes based on request type and folder structure
  • Tools integrated like GrumpPHP (automatically on commit) and PHPStan
  • GitHub Action and GitLab CI available
  • Many libraries already available (with starter code)
WPBP Libraries Other libraries
WPBP/PointerPlus CMB2/CMB2
WPBP/CronPlus micropackage/requirements
WPBP/Widgets-Helper yoast/i18n-module
WPBP/FakePage origgami/CMB2-grid
WPBP/Template johnbillion/extended-cpts
WPBP/Debug Freemius/wordpress-sdk
WPBP/CPT_Columns wpdesk/wp-notice
WPBP/Language julien731/WP-Review-Me

Available Snippets

  • Dashicons as dependency of admin stylesheet
  • Bubble notification on pending CPTs
  • Import/Export settings
  • Custom capabilities with CPTs and taxonomy support
  • wp_localize_script for passing PHP variables to JavaScript on the frontend
  • Class in frontend body with the slug of plugin
  • Shortcode example included
  • WP-CLI support
  • Support for CMB2 in the options page
  • Transient examples with caching

Do you want to see which plugins have been made with this boilerplate? Check out this Wiki page!


This project exists thanks to all the people who contribute.


Thank you to all our backers! 🙏 [Become a backer]


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WordPress Plugin Boilerplate Powered is licensed under the GPL v2 or later; however, if you opt-in to use third-party code that is not compatible with v2, then you may need to switch to using code that is GPL v3 compatible.