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WordPress Plugin Boilerplate Powered


WordPress Plugin Boilerplate Powered is a complete foundation for building your WordPress plugins.
The mainly purpose of this boilerplate: choose a library or a snippet and the boilerplate contain already the example for use it without need a manual copy&paste way or look on internet.


Library integrated

Snippet included

  • Shortcode example code
  • Dashicon as dependence of admin stylesheet
  • Bubble notification on pending cpts
  • Import/Export settings
  • Custom capabilities with cpts and taxonomy support
  • wp_localize_script for pass PHP var to JS in the frontend
  • Class in frontend body with the slug of plugin
  • Support for your CPTs in At Glance widget/Activity widget in dashboard
  • Support for CMB in the options page
  • Support for email template/theme with language detection
  • Integrated DOM-Based Routing of Roots Template
  • Transient examples with caching
  • Support for Web Push

Do you want to see which plugins have been made with this boilerplate? Check here!
Check the Wiki for other info.

Shell Script & Tools


  • wp-boilerplate-version.sh (check below)
  • apigen.sh script for generate a docs folder with the documentation
  • .php_cs for PHP-CS-Fixer

Check on the wiki for discover how to use this script!

Useful resources or code examples

Check on the wiki!

Recommended Tools

Generator Tool

The code generator that allows you to choose the libraries you need with many customization.
Link to repo: https://github.com/wpbp/generator


The WordPress Plugin Boilerplate Powered is licensed under the GPL v2 or later; however, if you opt to use third-party code that is not compatible with v2, then you may need to switch to using code that is GPL v3 compatible.