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FluentSMTP - WordPress SMTP & Email Service API connection Plugin

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Are you having problems with your WordPress not sending emails? This is the plugin that will solve your email deliverability problem. FluentSMTP is the ultimate WP Mail Plugin that connects with your Email Service Provider natively and makes sure your emails are delivered 💯.

Our goal is to send your WordPress emails delivery fast, secure, and make sure your WordPress emails reach the email inbox.

Fluent SMTP plugin fixes your email delivery issue by connecting WordPress Mail with your email service providers. These integrations are native so it will send the emails super fast.

Connect as many Email Service Providers as you want and FluentCRM will route your transactional and marketing emails automatically. This is one of the unique features that FluentCRM has.


  • Amazon SES
  • SendGrid
  • Mailgun
  • Sendinblue
  • Pepipost
  • SparkPost
  • Gmail OAuth API Connection
  • Google Workspace OAuth API Connection
  • Gmail via SMTP
  • Zoho via SMTP
  • Outlook OAuth API Connection
  • All Other SMTP
  • More native integrations coming soon

🎉 Fluent SMTP Features

Fluent SMTP is the fastest and most advanced WordPress Mail SMTP plugin in the market. We crafted this plugin for speed, reliability, scalability.

  • Real-Time Email Delivery
  • Email Routing to multiple email connections
  • Connect with Any Email Service Providers
  • Email Logs
  • Resend Any Emails
  • In Details Reporting
  • Super-fast UI powered by VueJS

Most importantly, This is plugin is free and always will be free. 👉 Read Why it's 100% free (always) 👈


FluentSMTP is built with VueJS, ElementUI (frontend). For backend communication, it based on WordPress standard ajax endpoints.

Please check app/Http/routes.php to see all the endpoints.

All the email connect drivers are at: app/Services/Mailer/Providers

Thanks to our contributors

GitHub Contributors Image

Build JavaScript source

  • Clone this project
  • open the project in terminal
  • run npm install
  • then npx mix watch for development
  • npx mix --production to build the project

All the VueJS source are at: resources/admin folder