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#Selenium WebdriverIO Boilerplate with Mocha + Chai + Sinon Selenium + Node + webdriverio + mocha + chai + sinon

We are using Webdriverio's TestRunner on top of Selenium to run all of our tests in mocha. I also included sinon so we can use it for unit testing within mocha.

Author: Michael Guild from http://threde.com



##Tech Stack

node ( Version 6^ ) https://nodejs.org

selenium-standalone https://github.com/vvo/selenium-standalone

webdriverio https://github.com/webdriverio/webdriverio/

Mocha https://mochajs.org/

Chai https://chaijs.com ( test are written in Chai with es6 )

Sinon https://sinonjs.org ( generates random units for testing )


npm install

###Note: this installation requires Node 6^ , NPM 3^ , & Java 1.8^ if you get an cant connect to selenium, it might be due to vagrant or another virtual machine. run node run kill-selenium to kill all machines running on port 4444.

##Run Tests

Run the selenium server selenium-standalone start (runs on port 4444) and then run npm test in a new terminal.

note: npm test, runs all test within the test directory.

To kill/stop all selenium instances use: npm run kill-selenium.

use npm run help to see webdriverio's testrunner commands.


while developing note that Class browser.whatever() uses all the methods here: http://webdriver.io/api.html

For configuration changes, please read & refer to the wdio.config.js file. All the information on how to configure this can be found on webdriverio http://webdriver.io/guide/testrunner/configurationfile.html

The global scope for all tests is located in the before method inside of the wdio.config.js file

before: function (capabilities, specs) { ... }