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Legende: NEW Neues Feature | New Feature
CHG Änderung | Change
FIX Fehler behoben | Bugfix
LNG Sprachdatei aktualisiert | Languagefile updated
RQM Neue Systemanforderung | New Requirement
MOD Neues Module | New Modul
REL Neues Release | New Release
UPD Aktualisierung | Update
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[x.x.2007] REL VERSION 0.x
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[x.x.2007] NEW added this n that
[x.x.2007] FIX fixed this n that
[x.x.2007] CHG removed this n that
[x.x.2007] LNG added english language file for this n that
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tba REL Version 0.6.0
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tba REL Version 0.5.x
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[21.01.2012] REL Version 0.5.1
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[20.01.2012] FIX missing semicolon in nginx.conf
missing slash in webinterface/helper/phpini.php
FIX issue #71 - uninstall abort dialog did not abort
FIX issue #70 - stripdown script and foldernames with spaces
UPD updated NANT to v0.92 (2012-06-09)
ADD issue #74 - build tasks "stripdown-mariadb"
building of the AllInOne Installer is now only one-click
UPD issue #69 - software registry out-of-sync
------------ ----------------------------------------------------------------
[19.01.2012] REL Version 0.5.0
------------ ----------------------------------------------------------------
ADD All-In-One Installer
PHP 5.4.11, Nginx 1.3.9, XDebug 2.2.1, MariaDB 5.5.28
Adminer 3.6.2, phpMyAdmin 3.5.5, Composer, PEAR,
APC 3.1.14, Junction, Memadmin 1.0.12, Memcached 1.4.5,
MongoDB 2.2.1, OpenSSL 1.0.1c, XHProf 0.10.3,
Fake Sendmail, Webgrind, WPN-XM SCP 0.4.0
[13.12.2012] ADD build tasks for the All-In-One Installation Wizard
FIX fixed start and stop icon names
[12.12.2012] UPD InnoSetup v5.5.2
REM removed OpenCandy from Installation Wizard builds
[22.09.2012] ADD wpn-xm logo SVG :)
ADD experimental vcredistributable2008 check
[20.09.2012] ADD experimental portable mode
(create no registry key and drop uninstallation)
ADD added additional task to innoscript for
creation of start stop desktop icons,
scp desktop and quick launch icon
[02.09.2012] ADD enabled php_com_dotnet extensions by default
------------ ----------------------------------------------------------------
[01.09.2012] REL Version 0.4
------------ ----------------------------------------------------------------
[31.08.2012] CHG sorted all URLS and FILES in the innoscript
[31.08.2012] ADD handling of phpext_xhprof
[31.08.2012] CHG disabled extensions zeromq (not compat version atm)
[30.08.2012] ADD server-control-panel shutdown already running processes
[23.08.2012] CHG webinterface: fixed repository links
UPD twitter bootstrap v2.1.0
[13.08.2012] MOD is own git repository now
server-control panel is an git submodule now
updater is an own git repository now
[07.08.2012] CHG copy the installation wizard log into the logs folder
[05.08.2012] FIX fastcgi_read_timeout increased for xdebug step debugging
[03.08.2012] ADD added MEMADMIN v1.0.12 - Webinterface for Memcached
[23.07.2012] MOD webinterface is an git submodule now
[16.07.2012] ADD wpnxm-software-registry + get & checkversion script
get.php is a redirection script pointing to download urls
checkversion uses software registry for version compares
wpnxm-software-registry is an auto-updated array of
the software components of the stack and their urls
ADD added twitters bootstrap css framework to enhance css
of the webinterface; adjusted some styles
[05.07.2012] UPD Rewrite of Webinterface - using frontcontroller pattern
[03.07.2012] UPD Webinterface Updates - Modal Window for Reset Database PW
[02.07.2012] UPD UPD ADMINER 3.4.0
FIX CSS, font-sizes, shadows
UPD innosetup wizard image
ADD Webinterface > Configuration > Tab (PHP)
[26.06.2012] FIX PHPMYADMIN default config added
[25.06.2012] ADD Website - added screenshot carousel for feature screens
[24.06.2012] ADD added HOSTS tool and nginx vhost creation script
[20.06.2012] NEW added COMPOSER 1.0 -
[19.06.2012] UPD PHPMYADMIN 3.5.1
[18.06.2012] CHG removed hardcoded URLs from Innosetup Scripts
download URLs point to a header redirection script
[18.06.2012] NEW added icons to config page (php, nginx, mariadb, xdebug)
[18.06.2012] FIX getMariaDBVersion() and switched to mysqli methods
[16.06.2012] UPD PHP 5.4.4
[15.06.2012] FIX build.xml bootstrap.php encoding (read/write token nant)
[15.06.2012] FIX installation wizard - uninstaller now working
NEW detect running processes before uninstalling
NEW dialog to warn user about deletion of projects folder
FIX report icon was fetch from the web
NEW synced the state (enabled/disabled) of tool pushbuttons
in the SCP with the daemon, they rely on (php+nginx)
------------ ----------------------------------------------------------------
[11.06.2012] REL Version 0.3
------------ ----------------------------------------------------------------
[11.06.2012] NEW added WPN-XM SCP 0.3.0
[11.06.2012] NEW added base for application settings management to SCP
[08.06.2012] UPD MARIADB 5.5.24 w32
Our bugreport about inclusion of debug files was included.
The download size of decreased from 180 to 130mb.
[08.06.2012] FIX Status led not updated at initial start
[05.06.2012] UPD NGINX 1.2.1
[05.06.2012] NEW php is added to environment variable PATH
[04.06.2012] FIX fixed cfg edit order: config files are copied, then modified
[04.06.2012] FIX installations seems stuck, while extraction of zip files
added two progressbars showing total progess and component
[01.06.2012] UPD InnoSetup 5.5.0
[11.05.2012] UPD PHP 5.4.3
APC 3.1.10-5.4
[07.05.2012] UPD PHP 5.4.2
NEW using stamped icon in installation wizard
[25.04.2012] FIX renamed go-pear.php to go-pear.phar
NEW added go-pear.bat to startfiles
NEW added reset-db-pw.bat to startfiles
UPD merged my-medium.ini of MariaDB 5.5.23 into /configs/my.ini
UPD bumped version numbers on website
UPD added PEAR to wizard images and WPN-XM string to icon
NEW added wpn-xm debug.iss for building a debug executable
added build task "compile-wpnxm-debug-setup"
[24.04.2012] UPD NGINX 1.2.0
PHP 5.4.0
MARIADB 5.5.23
[19.04.2012] FIX download link to junctions was broken (case-sensitive)
NEW added opencandy
FIX charset problems
downgraded to Innosetup 5.4.3 non-unicode
used PChar instead of PAnsiChar in innotools downloader
FIX user projects were not listed in the projects panel
NEW added installation wizard images
FIX renamed var Filename_zeromq to Filename_phpext_zeromq
NEW added versioning of webinterface during build process
CHG updated webinterface menu accordingly
[18.04.2012] NEW added PEAR (go-pear.phar) to the stack
[16.04.2012] NEW added Adminer 3.4.4 - Database management in one file
[14.04.2012] NEW added twitter profile images to /resources dir
[09.04.2012] UPD Logo
[12.03.2012] UPD readme, website to reflect the ZeroMQ php/ext arrival
NEW PHP Extension for ZeroMQ v2.1
------------ ----------------------------------------------------------------
[06.02.2012] REL Version 0.2
------------ ----------------------------------------------------------------
[06.02.2012] UPD NGINX 1.1.11
PHP 5.3.10
MARIADB 5.3.3-rc
XDEBUG 2.1.3
[04.02.2012] NEW added OpenCandy Ads to one version of the wizard
[22.01.2012] NEW added comments with links to nant & inno setup help
CHG build.xml: build directory is now "_build"
NEW ISS: define wizard application title and tray message
NEW ISS: added SetupLogging and logfile copying to app dir
NEW ISS: added bug url to start menu folder
[21.01.2012] CHG updated InnoToolsDownloader to be unicode compatible
NEW added Mircosoft's junction tool for creation of symlinks
[17.01.2012] CHG webinterface
fixed centering bugs while displaying phpinfo
removed menu.php, welcome.phpin favor of htmlelements.php
NEW display counter for welcome message in webinterface
CHG gitignore - ignores now QT and build folders
NEW NANT build process automation complete
CHG build.xml
added build command clean-builddir
added build command update-iss-files
added build command compile-wpnxm-setup
UPD PHP 5.3.9
NEW added build.xml - the nant buildfile
NEW added build.bat - call to nant injecting the buildfile
NEW added NANT 0.91 to /bin/nant for build process automation
NEW added Inno Setup 5.4.3 Unicode to /bin/innosetup
CHG cleanups
moved batch build file to /bin/build-old.bat
moved setup.ico to /bin/icons folder
moved iss files from toplevel to /innosetup folder
[16.01.2012] FIX "set PHPRC" is not working; start-wpnxm.bat now changes
into the php directory to find the php extensions;
UPD phpMyAdmin 3.4.8
UPD NGINX 1.1.10
NEW link for immediate redirection
[07.12.2011] CHG renamed severpack to server stack
------------ ----------------------------------------------------------------
[12.11.2011] REL Version 0.1
------------ ----------------------------------------------------------------
NEW created and set up website
PHP 5.3.8
NGINX 1.1.7
XDebug 2.1.2 (PHP Extension)
MariaDB 5.3.2-beta
phpMyAdmin 3.4.6-english
Memcached 1.4.5
memcached (PHP Extension)
APC (PHP Extension)
NEW selected components for the server stack
NEW created base for wpn-xm server control tray application
NEW created base for wpn-xm webinterface
NEW two ISS files, for standalone and for bundled distribution
[12.06.2011] NEW layed out a directory structure for the project
------------ ----------------------------------------------------------------