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Implementation MongoDB #76

petervdb opened this Issue Feb 4, 2013 · 10 comments


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petervdb commented Feb 4, 2013


Do you have a timeline when MongoDB will be added?

Peter Vandenberghe


jakoch commented Feb 4, 2013

This is my Todo for Mongo

  • add to software registry
  • add to registry updater
  • add to downloads and regenerate downloads file
  • create stripdown script
  • add buildtask for stripdown & add task dependency to compile-all-in-one
  • fix folder not found bug in stripdown script
  • add stripdown script to the web-installation-wizards & add to [Run] section
  • add daemon start/stop scripts
  • add daemon start/stop to the SCP
  • add php extension mongo
  • add link to ([websvr] admin web console waiting for connections on port 28017) to WPN-XM webinterface

It will ship with the next minor release version and within this week.

@jakoch jakoch added a commit that referenced this issue Feb 7, 2013

@jakoch jakoch added phpext_mongo handling - #76 2cc3443

@jakoch jakoch added a commit that referenced this issue Feb 7, 2013

@jakoch jakoch added phpext_mongo to the download definition file for the All-In-One…
… Installation Wizard - #76

@jakoch jakoch added a commit that referenced this issue Feb 8, 2013

@jakoch jakoch added mongodb.conf #76 59dec1a

jakoch commented Feb 8, 2013

Several problems with MongoDB came up lately:

As of MongoDB 2.1.2, Windows XP is no longer supported as a server environment.
This statement is not true.

MongoDB 2.1.1
"ReleaseSRWLockExclusive" not found in DLL "KERNEL32.dll"

MongoDB 2.1.0
"QueryWorkingSetEx" not foundin DLL "PSAPI.DLL"

There is no version 2.0.9.

MongoDB 2.0.8 is the last version running on XP.

The solution is to

  • have all versions in the registry, but deliver v2.0.8 to Windows XP users.
  • this could be done by switching the download URL for the get.php script by "windows version"
  • the windows version can be fetched inside the installation wizards via procedure GetWindowsVersionEx();
  • for now hardcode "get.php?s=mongodb&v=2.0.8"
  • later: if [Windows XP] then "get.php?s=mongodb&v=2.0.8" else "get.php?s=mongodb"


  • figure out, how to stop Mongo .. i wonder, why they didn't implemented any stop or exit CLI parameters?

@jakoch jakoch added a commit that referenced this issue Feb 8, 2013

@jakoch jakoch data/db folder not found - #76 1ef8760

@jakoch jakoch added a commit that referenced this issue Feb 18, 2013

@jakoch jakoch added mongodb default config - #76 c10d930

@jakoch jakoch added a commit that referenced this issue Feb 18, 2013

@jakoch jakoch rename mongo dir after unzip #76 a1aaaac

jakoch commented Feb 18, 2013

@petervdb Hey Peter, i released a new version of WPN-XM (v0.5.2) today. It ships MongoDB with PHP extension and administration tools. The integration of MongoDB in the SCP is still on the todo list. The workaround is to use the "start-wpnxm.bat" in combination with "start-mongodb.bat". That should work out of the box.
I'm leaving this ticket open, until the SCP integration is done.
As always, feedback is welcome. Regards, Jens

Hi Jens,
Thank you. Will try it out in the next days.

Regards, Peter

The website still mentions 0.5.1.

rybork commented Feb 19, 2013

Well you decided to drop support for mariaDB? In my opinion mongoDB is interesting for large sites or corporations, but not for your overall fella. I can't use the Joomla CMS with mongoDB because there are no stable drivers for it available. And I can't import my mysql backup to mongodb because mongodb doesn't use tables and the convert tools doesn't always work properly.

Edit: Nevermind, I'm stupid. mariaDB is still included.


jakoch commented Feb 19, 2013

  • MariaDB support dropped
    Both components are shipped: MariaDB, as the SQL database and MongoDB, as the NoSQL database. You might choose, which components you really need in the installation wizard dialog "Select Components". If you are mainly working with MariaDB, then just deselect MongoDB. But i guess you know the game with installers.
  • Website not being updated
    The website is updated by a cronjob. So there is a little delay in the content update.
    Maybe, i should figure out how to update on repository changes by using a GitHub hook...

jakoch commented Oct 18, 2013

All tasks solved, except linking to the MongoDB admin console from the webinterface.

@jakoch jakoch closed this Oct 18, 2013

mchubby commented May 24, 2014

Is there a milestone set for integrating versions of mongodb higher than 2.0.8 (for Windows Vista and later)? The website lists it as 2.7.0 and looks somewhat misleading.

Or perhaps there's a wiki page with instructions for manually downloading and installing such a version?


jakoch commented May 25, 2014

Hey mchubby,

you are right! I guess, i need to rename "Components" to "Registry Status" and restructure the content on the website better.

The "Components" box on the website shows the lastest versions from our registry and not the actual versions included in the installation wizards. You can find the packaged versions in the downloads section of the website: http://wpn-xm.org/#downloads-list
The version distributed is v2.0.8, which is the last version running on XP.

I will lift the version lock, with the next release.
I have created a new issue and added it to the next milestone #204

Meanwhile, you might install MongoDb manually:

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