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Release Notes v0.6.0

Jens-André Koch edited this page Dec 19, 2013 · 4 revisions

For a detailed list of changes see the changelog.txt.


This release adresses several bugs in the Server Control Panel.

  • console/debugging popup screen removed
  • daemons not found
  • daemons not started
  • logfile not opened, because wrong path
  • webinterface button not working


  • [server control panel] executable has been renamed from "wpnxm-scp.exe" to "wpn-xm.exe"
  • [server control panel] reworked settings classes
  • [wpn-xm.ini] is the global configuration file used by SCP and Webinterface
  • [wpn-xm.ini] is auto-generated with default settings by the server control panel (wpn-xm.exe)
  • [wpn-xm.ini] with defaults settings is also installed with the stack
  • [webinterface] runs with embedded PHP server and also with Nginx (default)
  • [webinterface] has start & stop buttons for daemons
  • [server control panel] enabled configuration dialog
  • [server control panel] added RunOnStartup (places SCP in Windows Autostart)
  • [server control panel] added StopDaemonsOnQuit (stops all running daemons, when user Quits the SCP in the Tray)
  • [server control panel] added RunDaemonsOnStartup with Daemon Selection (starts daemons, when SCP starts)
  • [server control panel] enabled all configuration buttons (they resolve to the webinterface config section)
  • [server control panel] splashscreen added

Updated Components

  • Nginx 1.5.8
  • phpMyAdmin 4.1.1
  • PostgreSQL 9.3.2
  • WPN-XM Server Control Panel 0.6.0


For the complete list of software components see

Download Sizes

  • All-In-One Installation Wizard, 76MB
  • Webinstallation Wizard, 1MB
  • Big-Pack Installation Wizard, 210MB
  • Lite Installation Wizard, 52MB

Main Version