Release Notes v0.8.2

Jens A. Koch edited this page Mar 16, 2015 · 5 revisions

Please visit the download section of to find out, which components and versions are included in the different Installation Wizards.

This release contains an important fix for installation compatibility and some smaller fixes addressing extraction problems.

  • FIX mariadb inital database creation failed
  • FIX updated wpn-xm.ini with missing values
  • FIX missing openssl.cfg
  • FIX paths in generate-certificates.bat
  • FIX copy additional nginx config examples (domains-disabled)
  • FIX mariadb extraction error
  • FIX openssl extraction error
  • FIX run PERL relocation script hidden
  • CHG disable deprecated PHP Extensions php_mysql in default cfg
  • FIX ampersand UTF-8 problem in the install wizard by using +
  • FIX rockmongo is no longer extracted to \bin but to \www\tools
  • FIX 7zip extraction fix
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