Release Notes v0.8.3

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Please visit the download section of to find out, which components and versions are included in the different Installation Wizards.

  • UPD updated components
  • NEW included component conemu into full and standard installers
  • NEW included component robomongo into full and standard installers
  • DEL component rockmongo
  • UPD server control panel was updated to support console and conemu
  • FIX webinstaller closure-compiler not found
  • DEL PHP 5.4 installers, because EOL
  • NEW [SCP] added config checkbox "Minimize after "All Demons - Start" was pressed?"

LiteRC Notes

  • The LiteRC installer ships PHP 7.0.0alpha2 and this is an experimental release for QA.
  • Please test PHP 7 and if you encounter bugs report them over at
  • A lot of extensions and PHP applications are not ready for 7, yet. For instance, the PHP extension "xdebug" has no release for PHP7, yet. The LiteRC installers ships xdebug for PHP 5.6. You will find some Deprecated messages, when running Adminer (i've send a patch). The situation will clear up, when more and more devs adopt 7.

For complete list of changes see the git log and the milestone

Please report all errors you encounter.

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