Release Notes v0.8.4

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Important Bugfix Release

This release fixes a bug in the Uninstaller, where during the uninstallation symlinked folders inside the WPN-XM folder structure are deleted recursively.

To avoid data loss all users with symlinked folders and reparse points inside the WPN-XM folder structure are advised to create a backup of their projects and to remove symlinks manually before uninstallation.

The new uninstallation behavior will delete the application directory and everything inside it, including directories that are reparse points, but it will not recursively delete files/directories inside them.


  • FIX fixed uninstaller to not recursively delete reparse points
  • NEW added Redis default configuration
  • CHG enabled PHP extensions by default: mysql, pdo_mysql, pdo_sqlite, sqlite, openssl

For a complete list of changes, see the git log and the milestone


Please visit the download section of to find out, which components and versions are included in the different Installation Wizards.

LiteRC with PHP7

Important Note for those testing the LiteRC installer with PHP7: The LiteRC installers ships the PHP extension "xdebug" for PHP 5.6, because there is no release for PHP7, yet.

Please report all errors you encounter.

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