Release Notes v0.8.5

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  • CHG all "Lite Installers" ship "ConEmu"
  • FIX phpext_phalcon download URLs
  • FIX Imagick download URLs
  • CHG switched to Imagick portable zips
  • NEW added "Imagick x64" to "Full Installers x64"
  • FIX removed MoveFiles() from all installers to avoid the folder renaming problem
  • FIX fixed extraction errors of several PHP Extensions and Node
  • FIX default configuration of xdebug from installer
  • FIX fixed paths to the opcache and xdebug in php.ini
  • FIX fixed webinterface cannot redeclare class error
  • CHG removed component "junction"

Components Please visit the download section of to find out, which components and versions are included in the different Installation Wizards.

LiteRC with PHP7 Important Note for those testing the LiteRC installer with PHP-7.0.0-beta1: The LiteRC installers ships the PHP extension "xdebug" for PHP 5.6, because there is no release for PHP7, yet.

Please report all errors you encounter.

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