WPN-XM Server Control Panel written in C++ using Qt.
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WPN-XM Server Control Panel

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The WPN-XM Server Control Panel is written in Qt v5.2+.

WPN-XM Server Control Panel v0.8.0

WPN-XM Server Control Panel v0.8.0 - Main Application Window


  • hybrid Windows application (uh, like, is this possible? YES, apparently)
    • CLI mode
    • GUI mode with MainWindow and TrayMenu
  • Server Control
    • PHP - start, stop, restart
    • Nginx - start, stop, restart, reload
    • MariaDB - start, stop, restart
    • PostgreSQL - start, stop, restart
    • Redis - start, stop, restart
    • Memcached - start, stop, restart
    • MongoDB - start, stop, restart
  • Log File Access
    • one-click "Open Log File"
    • automatically clear log file on start of a server (do not append to existing log file)
  • Configuration File Access
    • one-click "Edit Config"
    • select "Editor"
  • Server Process Monitoring
  • Supported Configuration File formats:
    • CSV
    • INI
    • JSON

Build Dependencies

  • Qt >= 5.2
  • QuaZIP
    • zlib

Downloading Qt

Install Qt binaries from either the Qt SDK or standalone binary package or just use the Qt Online Installer.

You should be able to find everything at http://www.qt.io/download-open-source/

Installation Steps and Requirements for Qt

Add Qt folder to PATH

In order to build and use Qt, the PATH environment variable needs to be extended by adding the Qt installation folder, e.g. "c:\Qt".

  • Control Panel -> System -> Advanced -> Environment variables

Build the Qt Library

Go to the installation folder, e.g. "c:\Qt" and run "configure" followed by "mingw32-make".

Type configure -help to get a list of all available options. The Configuration Options for Qt page gives a brief overview of these.

See http://qt-project.org/doc/qt-4.8/configure-options.html

Build Qt Debug Libraries

You have to build the libraries to be able to link successfully.

  • Start -> Programs -> Qt -> Qt Build Debug Libraries

Build and Deployment Instructions

1 The "/build" directory must contain the Qt dependencies.

We are using the Qt command windeployqt to automatically detect and copy the dependencies to the debug/release folder. You find the list of the files to copy at the end of the .pro file, in case you need to copy dependencies manually.

For deployment we use our Qt Minimal Deployment Kit. This is a packaged bundle of dependencies and allows a basic drop-in of dependencies, next to the executable.

2 Run environment

The run environment should include paths to Qt libraries.

3 Build

The easiest way to build the "WPN-XM SCP" is to build it from Qt Creator.

Launch the following commands to build it from command line:

  • qmake wpnxm-servercontrolpanel.pro
  • mingw32-make -j4

How to push a new tag?

git commit -m "This is the commit message. Tagging v1.2.3"
git tag 1.2.3
git push --tags
git push


If you find a bug in the software, please let us know about it.

Please post the issue to the main project via https://github.com/WPN-XM/WPN-XM/issues/new