WebPagetest 2.15

@pmeenan pmeenan released this Jul 22, 2014 · 2833 commits to master since this release

Configuration Instructions

Changes from WebPagetest 2.14:

There are quite a few big additions/improvements in this release:

  • The addition of custom metrics.
  • Logs integration for test results.
  • Significant improvements to the new mobile agents.
  • The mobitest android agents are no longer supported (security concerns with the results processing).
  • Added support for capturing and viewing Chrome traces.

Web Server

  • Added support for writing test results to a log file (see logTestResults and logTestRequests in settings.ini.sample)
  • Significant improvements to the processing of mobile video captures.
  • Fixed the display of console log messages from mobile tests.
  • Fixed the waterfall translucency slider support in filmstrip view for Chrome 30+.
  • Improved test reliability (reduced instances of corrupt results).
  • Added sample benchmark configurations.
  • Fixed timeline processing for Chrome 36+.
  • Added support for viewing Chrome traces.
  • Added installer checks for php's memory limit, for tmp being on tmpfs and for being able to write to the dat directory.

Test Agent

js (Mobile testing)

  • Significant improvements to video and waterfall processing (done on the server but mobile-specific).
  • Changed the logic to close the browser between first and repeat view to match desktop testing.
  • Added support for running against an emulator (though it is very much not recommended for anything but dev).


  • Added support for capturing Chrome traces.
  • Fixed support for multi-step tests.
  • Fixed the reporting of HTTPS 204 responses.
  • Added support for overrideHost, setHeader and addHeader commands for IE HTTPS testing.
  • Improved the support for the exec and execAndWait commands in Chrome so they no longer run in a sandbox and can access the page variables.
  • Added support for capturing the page title and titleTime for Chrome (already worked for IE and Firefox).

URLBlast (legacy IE testing):

  • No significant changes (will eventually be deprecated and replaced by wptdriver).

Improvements common to both desktop agents:

  • Added support for capturing custom metrics.
  • Improved the adult site detection logic.
  • Changed 401 response codes (auth challenge) to be treated like redirects.