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Linux Headless Agent

To run the agent, simply specify a few environment variables with docker:

  • SERVER_URL: will be passed as --server (note: it must end with '/work/')
  • LOCATION: will be passed as --location
  • KEY: will be passed as --key
  • NAME: will be passed as --name (optional)
  • SHAPER: will be passed as --shaper (optional)
  • EXTRA_ARGS: extra command-line options that will be passed through verbatim (optional)

Prerequisites to use traffic shaping in docker

Experimental: Running the agent with traffic shaping is experimental. It might have influence on the host system network. Running multiple agents on the same host might result in incorrect traffic shaping.

For traffic shaping to work correctly, you need to load the ifb module on the host:

sudo modprobe ifb numifbs=1

Also, the container needs NET_ADMIN capabilities, so run the container with --cap-add=NET_ADMIN.

To disable traffic-shaping, pass SHAPER="none".


Build the image first (from project root), load ifb and start it the container:

sudo docker build --tag wptagent .
sudo modprobe ifb numifbs=1
sudo docker run -d \
  -e SERVER_URL="" \
  -e LOCATION="docker-location" \
  -e NAME="Docker Test" \
  --cap-add=NET_ADMIN \