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Featured Post WordPress Plugin

Plugin for featured wordpress posts. This is a cool plugin that makes it easier to mark posts as featured posts (not using specific categories) and simple markup to show theme from your theme file.

Add <?php query_posts($query_string."&featured=yes"); ?> before the post loop starts and manage the featured posts from the post edit list.

Now added widget for listing featured post in sidebar widgets with custom number of post.


  • Easy manage featured posts from posts list
  • Filter Featured posts
  • Supports Post/Page and all custom post types
  • Easy to use on theme, or use it as widget for widget areas
  • Ajax powered featured status toggle
  • Dashicons used for featured posts column


  • Slider integration for featured post (still waiting for good slider or a contributer to work on this)
  • Widget for more advanced settings
  • and it still goes on

Support & Donate

To Support, consider donating at https://gum.co/wppress-donate