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Moderating Comments

Comments can be a great way for publishers to communicate with data users. Comments provide users with a way to ask questions or share observations about data. Comments from users can lead to improved data quality and also provide publishers with a sense of how others are using their information.

The Regional Data Center uses Disqus as its commenting platform. Disqus provides a series of tools that allow the Data Center and its partners to manage effective conversations on the data portal. Organizational administrators are responsible for moderating and responding to comments about data their organization publishes in a timely fashion. Disqus provides moderators with the ability to edit comments. Disqus also provides Data Center managers with tools to set rules on how comments appear, and filters to delete comments with objectionable language or those that are "spam".

Create a Disqus Account

The first step in moderating comments involves creating an account on Disqus. Discus provides the option to use facebook, twitter, or google logins, or create a new account exclusively on Disqus. Organizations can designate more than one Disqus administrator should the responsibility for moderating comments be shared among several people.

Share your Disqus user name

Please share your Disqus user name with the Regional Data Center. We'll then be able to provide you with admin privileges on the data portal. You can do this through email or phone.

Also be sure to let the Regional Data Center know how to contact you and any other Disqus admin(s) for your organization. If we notice a comment related to data from your organization on the site, we'd like to let you know about it by email or phone.

Using Disqus to Moderate Comments

We'll add more detail and possibly a video here...


We like to have our data providers respond to commments in a timely fashion, which usually means within a day or two. Even if it may take a few days to compile a formal response to a comment, it's a good practice to acknowledge the comment, and promise a follow-up response.