A custom download tool for WPRDC parcel data.
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Property Information Extractor

Try it for yourself here!

The Property Information Extractor is a data downloading tool based on Chris Whong's plutoplus. The Property Data Downloader provides a simple and intuitive interface to help people access property data from the Western Pennsylvania Regional Data Center within an Allegheny County municipality or City of Pittsburgh Neighborhood of their choosing.

Feedback from participants at the Regional Data Center's property data user group meeting in March, 2016 was the impetus for our adopting this tool originally built for New York parcel data. Participants wanted to be able to download assessment and other data by neighborhood. Working with large datasets poses a problem for many users. The Allegheny County assessment database contains over 550,000 rows and posed a barrier to widespread data use.

The Property Information Extractor allows users to quickly download data in several formats, and also allows the data to be directly open in CartoDB, a popular Web-mapping tool. Our road map for this tool involves adding aditional datasets and geographies. In partnership with the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh, the Regional Data Center will offer training to data users in a number of Web mapping software packages as part of it's Data 101 training series beginning in May, 2016.