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Twenty Seventeen

Contributors: (this should be a list of userid's)
Requires at least: WordPress 4.4
Tested up to: WordPress 4.7
Stable tag: 1.2
Version: 1.2
License: GPLv2 or later
License URI:
Tags: one-column, two-columns, right-sidebar, flexible-header, accessibility-ready, custom-colors, custom-header, custom-menu, custom-logo, editor-style, featured-images, footer-widgets, post-formats, rtl-language-support, sticky-post, theme-options, threaded-comments, translation-ready

Here is a short description of the theme that might appear in the customizer.


This is the long description. No limit, and you can use Markdown (as well as in the following sections).

A few notes about the sections above:

  • "Contributors" is a comma separated list of wp.orgusernames
  • "Tags" is a comma separated list of tags that apply to the theme
  • "Requires at least" is the lowest version that the plugin will work on
  • "Tested up to" is the highest version that you've successfully used to test the theme. Note that it might work on higher versions... this is just the highest one you've verified.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • A question that someone might have?

An answer to that question.


Twenty Seventeen WordPress Theme, Copyright 2016 Twenty Seventeen is distributed under the terms of the GNU GPL

Twenty Seventeen bundles the following third-party resources:

normalize.css, Copyright 2012-2016 Nicolas Gallagher and Jonathan Neal License: MIT Source:

Font Awesome icons, Copyright Dave Gandy License: SIL Open Font License, version 1.1. Source:

Bundled header image, Copyright Alvin Engler License: CC0 1.0 Universal (CC0 1.0) Source:



  • Released: December 6, 2016

Initial release

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