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Worldpay Within - The Java SDK

The Java implementation for the Worldpay Within IoT payment SDK. This SDK, or Software Development Kit, enables smart devices to discover each other, negogiate a price for services, make a payment (through the Worldpay payments gateway) for services, and then consume services via a 'trusted trigger'. For more information see our documentation website here:

The Worldpay Within puzzle piece


  1. Install Java JDK 1.8
  2. Install Apache Maven and add it to PATH (

Get started

  1. git clone
  2. cd wpw-sdk-java
  3. git submodule update --init --recursive
  4. mvn

Run the examples

  • Run the producer or producer-callbacks project
  • Simultaneously run the consumer project
  • The two smart devices should communicate with each other and make a payment

See the payments:

  1. Sign up to if you haven't already done so
  2. Got to settings > API keys and get your test keys
  3. Replace the keys in the consumer and producer java example source files
    ⚠️Remember that only test keys should be used
  4. Re-run the examples and you should see the payments coming through on the WPOP (Worldpay Online) payments dashboard

So what does it do:

The Worldpay Within Flows sequence diagram

You can see there are four phases; discover, negotiation, payment and then service delivery, for more information visit our website at

The flows and API can be found here

The Javadoc

The javadoc for the wrapper can be found here

Want to contribute:

Want to contribute, then please clone the repo and create a branch, once you've made your changes create a pull request, we will review your code, and if accepted it will be merged into the code base. You can also raise issues here on github, or contact us direct at or alternatively join our slack channel at