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An attempt to create a style guide for translating WordPress to Hindi
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A Style Guide for translating WordPress into Hindi

An attempt to create a sensible style guide for translating WordPress to Hindi.


  1. The latest version under development is always under the draft branch. All contributions must be made to this branch.
  2. The master branch is expected to contain the latest stable (complete) guide. Actual releases can be found versioned and tagged appropriately.

Directory Structure

  1. docs contains useful documentation and other stuff that can't be put into the guide for any reason.
  2. source contains individual sections from the guide into separate files. All contributions must be made to the files in source and not to the full guide. The guide is built via an automatic build process.
  3. dist contains the full guide created by combining the individual sections in the source folder.




  1. Computer Translation Style & Convention Guide for Hindi by Rajesh Ranjan
  2. Microsoft Style Guide, choose Hindi from the dropdown to download.
  3. हिंदी व्याकरण by Pt. Kamataprasad Guru
  4. Hindi: An Essential Grammar by Rama Kant Agnihotri
  5. Standard Hindi Spelling
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