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  • Bug Fixes
    • Backward compatibility issue for PHP 5.4.
    • Fix for audit log page search extension check function.
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Release notes: Announcing SMS Notifications for the WordPress audit logs

  • New Features

  • New Activity Log Event IDs

    • Event ID 1008: user logged in as another user.
    • Event ID 9083: user changed the billing address (WooCommerce).
    • Event ID 9084: user changed the shipping address (WooCommerce).
  • Plugin Improvements

    • Added more pre-configured SMS & email notifications.
    • Improved all sensors to also detect changes that are not done via the dashboard.
    • Optimized some metadata database queries (reduced qeuries by 75%).
    • Improved the content sensor (better detection of content changes).
    • Optimized the database query that fetches list of logged in users.
    • Removed email notifications wizard.
    • Standardized all tabs and titles in the Emails & SMS Notifications feature.
    • Improved the help text in the Emails & SMS Notifications feature.
    • Removed the limit of 5 criteria in the notifications trigger builder.
    • Removed declaration of emails' Mime-type - this is automatically set so there is no need for it.
  • Bug Fixes

    • WooCommerce order name was not reported in event ID 9040 (changed order detail) in some edge cases.
    • Maximum execution time configured in the WordPress activity log reports engine now is only used when generating a report.
    • CSV reports were not being generated.
    • Audit trail auto refresh was not working when using infinite scroll viewer option.
    • Plugin reporting event 9032 (disabled use of WooCommerce coupons) by mistake.
    • Event IDs 2046 and 2051 were not being reported when files were modified via the editors.
    • Plugin reporting event 2002 when there were changes in a post's Yoast SEO metabox.
    • Removed all reference to obsolete plugin setting: wsal-archiving-date-e.
    • Admins on multisite child sites could see the activity logs of other sites.
    • Event ID 2073 (post submitted for review) was not being reported in Gutenberg.
    • Event 2074 (scheduled post) was not being reported in Gutenberg.
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@WPWhiteSecurity WPWhiteSecurity released this Feb 26, 2019 · 74 commits to master since this release

Release notes: Activity Log Coverage of WooCommerce Variable Products

  • New Activity Log Events for WooCommerce

    • Event ID 9078: Changed the option to include / exclude taxes in product prices.
    • Event ID 9079: Changed the option on what type of shipping to calculate tax on.
    • Event ID 9080: Changed the shipping tax class.
    • Event ID 9081: Enabled / Disabled the rounding of the sub total.
    • Event ID 9082: Added / Deleted / Modified a shipping zone on WooCommerce.
  • Plugin Improvements

    • Better handling of plugin activation on multisite - plugin can only be activated from the network dashboard.
  • Bug Fixes

    • Updated Freemius SDK which includes a security fix.
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Release notes: Introducing infinite scroll and performance enhancements

  • New Features

  • Plugin Improvements

    • Improved the search filters - now they are much faster.
    • Improved user session handling to better handle >1,000 sessions.
    • Replaced PHP severity with event log severity in the list of Events.
  • Bug Fixes

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@WPWhiteSecurity WPWhiteSecurity released this Jan 29, 2019 · 129 commits to master since this release

Release notes: Major Activity Log Improvement in WooCommerce Coverage

  • New Events for WooCommerce Orders

    • ID 9035: New order placed in WooCommerce.
    • ID 9036: Changed the status of a WooCommerce order.
    • ID 9037: Moved a WooCommerce order to trash.
    • ID 9038: Restored a WooCommerce order from the trash.
    • ID 9039: Permanently deleted an order.
    • ID 9040: Changed the orders details.
    • ID 9041: Refunded a WooCommerce order
  • New Events for WooCommerce Product Admin & Attributes Changes

    • ID 9042: Changed the catalog visibility of a product.
    • ID 9043: Changed the Featured product setting of a product.
    • ID 9044: Changed the allow backorders setting of a product.
    • ID 9045: Changed the the Upsells of a product.
    • ID 9046: Changed the Cross-sells of a product.
    • ID 9047: Added a new attribute of a product.
    • ID 9048: Modified the value of a product attribute.
    • ID 9049: Renamed a product attribute.
    • ID 9050: Deleted a product attribute.
    • ID 9051: Changed the visibility of a product attribute.
  • New Events for WooCommerce Categories

    • ID 9052: Deleted a product category.
    • ID 9053: Changed the slug of a product category.
    • ID 9054: Changed the parent of a product category.
    • ID 9055: Changed display type of a product category.
    • ID 9056: Changed the name of a product category.
  • New Events for WooCommerce Payment Gateways

    • ID 9074: Enabled a payment gateway.
    • ID 9075: Disabled a payment gateway.
    • ID 9076: Modified a payment gateway.
  • New Events for WooCommerce Coupons:

    • ID 9063: Published a new coupon.
    • ID 9064: Changed the discount type of a coupon.
    • ID 9065: Changed the coupon amount.
    • ID 9066: Changed the coupon expire date.
    • ID 9067: Changed the Usage Restriction settings of a coupon.
    • ID 9068: Changed the Usage Limits settings of a coupon.
    • ID 9069: Changed the description of a coupon.
    • ID 9070: Changed the status of a coupon.
    • ID 9071: Renamed the WooCommerce coupon.
  • New Events for WooCommerce Attributes:

    • ID 9057: User created a new attribute.
    • ID 9058: User deleted an attribute.
    • ID 9059: User changed the slug of an attribute.
    • ID 9060: User changed the name of an attribute.
    • ID 9061: User changed the default sort order of an attribute.
    • ID 9062: User enabled/disabled the option Enable Archives of an attribute.
  • New Features

    • Email notification to site admin when the plugin is deactivated.
    • New setting to control refreshing of the live notifications in the admin bar.
    • Three new hooks in the activity log plugin that allow for event data manipulation.
  • Plugin Improvements

    • Major performance enhancement to the Event Viewer
    • Updated the text of some settings.
    • Event severities are now saved as meta data (we can now build filters for them).
    • Added the product status in all WooCommerce events.
    • Event 9011 (modified draft WooCommerce product) made obsolete with event 9010.
    • Event 9020 changed to report the different product types (simple, grouped, external, variable, downloadable, virtual)
    • Updated Freemius SDK
    • Better handling of incorrect database privileges when installing plugin.
    • Excluded the default WordPress cache directory from the default WordPress File Integrity Scans
  • Bug Fixes

    • Events 2027 and 2011 incorrectly logged hen saving a draft post in Gutenberg.
    • Plugin logged event 5019 by mistake when the front end editor of WP Bakery was used.
    • When files bigger than the file size limit were scanned for the first time the plugin wrongly reported them as modified.
    • In some cases where WordPress was not upgraded to 5.0 the plugin was not recognizing content changes.
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@WPWhiteSecurity WPWhiteSecurity released this Jan 7, 2019 · 174 commits to master since this release

  • Improvements

    • Better support for custom login pages.
  • Bug Fixes

    • Fixed an issue where the visitor logs sensor remains disabled when activity log level is switched to guru.
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@WPWhiteSecurity WPWhiteSecurity released this Dec 26, 2018 · 180 commits to master since this release

  • New Feature

    • A setting to configure the number of logged in sessions the plugin retrieves when checking for logged in sessions.
  • Improvements

    • Improved handling of logged in users sessions data.
    • Terminate All Sessions button now also purges sessions data from the WordPress database.
    • Improved the events for when saving a draft post in the Gutenberg editor.
    • Checks for the Papertrail activity log mirroring connectivity improved.
  • Bug Fixes

    • Fixed an issue in which the plugin was sending two daily activity log summary.
    • Removed code for backward compatibility but was not PHP 7.2 compatible (Support Ticket).
    • Updated the list of website visitor events in Enable/Disable events section.
    • Fixed an issue with the auto refresh of users sessions.
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@WPWhiteSecurity WPWhiteSecurity released this Dec 13, 2018 · 191 commits to master since this release

Release Notes: Slack Support & New External Connections UI

  • New Features

  • Improvements

    • Maximum file size for WordPress file integrity scans is now configurable.

    • Updated the Freemius SDK to 2.2.2 (addresses a MainWP conflict fix).

    • Plugin access can now be restricted to super administrators only on a multisite network.

    • Multiple scan started / stopped events per directory merged into one.

    • Added 1 and 4 hours option to terminate idle users sessions setting.

    • Plugin now always keeps a log a post updates, even if update is not done via the editor.

    • Better handling of terminated users sessions (in hung state, blocking legit logins).

    • Access to plugin now can be restricted to super admin role on multisite networks.

    • User info in daily activity log summary email is now variable - the same as configured in the plugin settings.

    • Limited Freemius user messages to users who can view & manage the plugin.

    • Addded support for a dot in the time format (e.g: d.-m-Y G:i)

    • Bug Fixes

    • Better handling of data from the REST API Support ticket.

    • Fixed: two daily activity log emails were being sent instead of one.

    • Restricted the starter license (had access to some pro features).

    • Fixed a number of minor warnings when running the plugin on PHP7.

    • Logins when using the Two-Factor plugin are now logged properly.

    • Fixed - first time setup wizard prompt not always showing.

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@WPWhiteSecurity WPWhiteSecurity released this Nov 15, 2018 · 235 commits to master since this release

Release Notes: Announcing Activity Log for MainWP

  • New Events for the activity log

    • Event ID 2127: Changed the name of a category
    • Event ID 2128: Changed the slug of a category
  • New Functionality

  • Bug Fixes

    • Fixed an issue in the licensing which allowed users with Starter plan to access features from the professional plan.
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@WPWhiteSecurity WPWhiteSecurity released this Oct 5, 2018 · 245 commits to master since this release

Release Notes: click here

  • New Activity Log Features

  • Plugin Improvements

    • Revamped the Users management module and settings - part of the easy to use updates.
    • Error message for blocked simultaneous users sessions can now be configured.
    • Updated the order of the plugin menu entries to a more convenient one.
    • Invalid usernames used in failed logins are now kept for 30 days in the database.
    • Improved WordPress menu sensor - added coverage and improved accuracy.
    • Changed Event Code to Event ID in email notifications trigger builder.
    • Improved MainWP Child Site Stealth Mode for premium edition.
    • Sidebar admin notification on first install now only shown to the first user accessing the activity log.
    • Removed in activity log adverts.
    • Updated top banner adverts in activity log - now users can hide them.
    • Updated WordPress icon used to report system events in activity log.
  • Bug Fixes

    • Added support for arrays in ACF Support Ticket
    • Handled an exception error in which user has same event ID. Now instead plugin shows an show error and disable custom sensor.
    • Fixed an issue in which the startup wizard was shown twice on the free edition of the plugin.
    • Fixed an issue in which reports were not generated because of non-standard paths.
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