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Revision. For CS2004.
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CS2004 Revision

A Java implementation of every algorithm in the CS2004 lectures.


  • Implement all algorithms discussed in CS2004 lectures, with minor write-ups as effective documentation.
  • Get back to working on pure algorithms after 6 months of Android development.
  • Experiment with Squash Rebase git workflow.


  1. Sorting
    1. Bubble Sort
    2. Quick Sort
    3. Radix Sort
    4. Other Sorts?
      1. Merge sort
      2. Timsort
      3. Insertion Sort
      4. Heapsort
  2. Graph Traversal
    1. Depth-First
    2. Breadth-First
    3. Exhaustive
    4. Best-First
      1. A*
      2. Dijkstra
    5. MST
      1. Prim
    6. Floyd-Warshall Distance
  3. Search & Fitness
  4. Hill Climbing
  5. Simulated Annealing
  6. Parameter Optimisation
  7. Tabu Search
  8. Iterated Local Search
  9. Genetic Algorithms
  10. Further Evolutionary Computation
  11. Ant Colony Optimisation
  12. Particle Swarm Optimisation
  13. Bin Packing
  14. Data Clustering
  15. Weighted Kappa
  16. Travelling Salesman Problem

Stretch Goals

  • Experiment with JUnit testing
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