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WRSC boat tracking system with web dashboard
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Tracking system used in the World Robotic Sailing Championship.

2017 site:

In this project, we collect GPS data with electronic devices and send them to the website. Then we provide functions for viewers and competitors such as real-time display and access to the GPS data to process scoring calculations.

To run the server locally for development:

cd MYR_rails

# gem is Ruby's package manager. You'll need to get that somehow.
gem install bundle
bundle install

# It looks like this should only be needed in production, but I always
# seem to need it. It should be a proper random token in production.
export SECRET_KEY_BASE=blah

# Go!
bundle exec rails server -e development

Open http://localhost:3000/ in a browser to see it.

To run automated tests:

bundle exec rake db:migrate RAILS_ENV=test  # First time only
bundle exec rake test
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