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Simple breakout board for a CP2102N USB / UART bridge.
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CP2102N USB <-> UART Board

This is a simple reference implementation of a board using the CP2102N USB / Serial bridge. It has a micro-USB connector on one side, and TX / RX / 3.3V / Ground pins on the other.

The other USART signals provided by the CP2102N are also broken out on two rows of headers along the side of the board. I haven't tested them because I don't usually use those signals, but it seemed like a good idea to make them available.

Current Status

This is the second revision of a design that I've had some success with. I've only tested the TX / RX signals, but those seem to work fine.

I'm still waiting to receive boards with this actual design, though, so you should still think of this board as untested for now.

Schematic and Board Renders


Board Top Board Bottom

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