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Addressable RGB LEDs can be a fun and festive addition to any holiday!
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Holiday Lighting With WS2812Bs

This is a simple 'ooh, pretty colors' project targeting the cheap-and-cheerful STM32F103C8 chip. It also supports GD32VF103CB chips, which are new RISC-V microcontrollers used in boards such as Seeed Studio's "Longan Nano". Select your target hardware by un-commenting one of the lines at the top of the Makefile which defines the MCU variable.

In a nutshell, the application drives a string of WS2812B 'NeoPixel' LEDs from the SPI1 peripheral connected to pin B5.

Nothing special there, but the application expects the LEDs to be split into groups and sandwiched between acrylic shapes, with those shapes connecting to one another in a string. So it generates cycling patterns of lighting effects, given the number of stars and the number of LEDs in each star.


'Tis the season! :)

Future Work

It's late December as I write this, so I'm not going to accomplish any of this until the next holiday season. But:

  • Add buttons to change patterns.

  • Do a better job of packing the colors for SPI transmission, to reduce RAM usage.

  • Add support for STM32G031Jx chips - this is a great use case for a tiny 8-pin ARM chip!

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