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Comcast has discontinued the api (along with it's desktop app) that this application used to obtain usage information.


A simple command line script for seeing how much data have you left until you blow through Comcast's data cap.


comcastUsage is not currently in PyPI, so you'll have to install it using pip:

$> git clone
$> cd comcastUsage
$> pip install .


After installing, you can check your Comcast data usage by running comcast-usage from a terminal. Running this command will give you output that looks like this:

$> comcast-usage 

Comcast/Xfinity Data Usage for the Month.
54% of data used
62% through the month.
114 GBs remaining until 01/31/16.
186 GBs / 300GBs used.

comcastUsage depends on two environment variables COMCAST_USERNAME AND COMCAST_PASSWORD. As you can probably guess, your Comcast username goes in COMCAST_USERNAME and your Comcast password goes in COMCAST_PASSWORD. You can add these to your bash initialization script...

# ~/.bashrc

# ...snip...

export COMCAST_PASSWORD=supersecretpassword

# ...snip ...

or they can passed on the command line each time you run the script:

$> COMCAST_USERNAME=" COMCAST_PASSWORD="supersecretpassword" comcast-usage


comcastUsage was written by Anthony Fox.