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VFP Sandwiches

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VFP: Sandwiches

As of: mc1.11.2-3.2 (Aug-2017)

VFP contains four kinds of sandwiches: stuffed rolls or turnovers (read the Bakery Items page for details), pocket sandwiches, simple something-between-two-slices-of-bread sandwiches and, "N-Deckers" or multi-use sandwiches.

Sandwich Bread

Most of the sandwiches described on this page use simple Sandwich Bread. Most of the recipes will also work with standard Minecraft bread and bread from other mods provided those modded items are registered under the foodBreadSandwich id in the Forge registry. Read the VFP Food Dictionary page for more information. Our pocket sandwiches use Flat Bread Pockets which are crafted like so from Flat Bread:

Crafting two pockets

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Pocket Sandwiches

Pocket Sandwiches Pictured

You make pocket sandwiches by stuffing a Flat Bread Pocket with a filling like a scambled eggs mix or some roasted vegetables. There are six different pocket sandwiches you can make with vanilla-based VFP food items. With modded vegetables and other goodies (spinach, tofu, avocado, etc.) you have even more choices.

Eggwich Pockets

Most of the vanilla-based recipes are "egg-wiches" based on eggs, using the basic template recipe shown below. Change the two ingredients in the pink slots to change the type of crafted sandwich. Each recipe makes one sandwich that restores 8 food points () and requires no smelting.

Basic Eggwich Recipe General "egg-wich" recipe.

The recipe for the Egg and Mushroom pocket (any foodMushroom) is shown below. Recipes for Steak (Bits o' Raw Beef), Ham (Bits o' Ham), SPaM (Bits o' SPaM), and Spinach (any foodSpinach) eggwich pockets are also available.

Crafting Mushroom Eggwich

Other Pockets

The recipes for the Roasted Veggies pocket and the Grilled Fish Salad pocket are different from the egg-wich template. All of the ingredients are prepared separately and just combined to stuff the pocket bread. The food value is the same as an egg-wich.

Crafting Veggie Pocket

Crafting FishSalad Pocket

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Simple Sandwiches

Simple Sandwiches Pictured

VFP adds several sandwiches that use some of the new ingredients from the mod. For instance, there is a Cheese Sandwich, a Fried Egg Sandwich, and a Batty Burger! among others. You can create batches of 3 sandwiches or individual ones on your player craft grid. Depending on the kind of sandwich, a simple sandwich can restore between 6 food points () and 8 food points ().

Crafting Batch of Cheese Sandwiches

Crafting Batch of Ham and Egg Sandwiches

Crafting a single sandwich requires a Bit o' Bread which you can make by cutting up a loaf of any sandwich bread. You can also use buttered bread slices or flat bread pockets.

Making Bread Slices

Crafting One Sandwich

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Decker Sandwiches

Decker Sandwiches Pictured

The final category of VFP sandwiches is the N-Decker or just "Decker" sandwiches. Decker sandwiches are multi-use adhoc sandwiches you create from whatever food ingredient you want (within certain criteria that depends on the type of decker sandwich). The most general decker recipe layout is shown below; a sandwich bread and Decker Press must be put as shown. Only the pinkish slots are required to create a sandwich.

Decker Sandwich Craft Template General "decker" recipe.

Key Ore Ids Description
B foodBreadSandwich Required. Any whole sandwich bread like regular bread, Enriched Bread, or Potato Bread. Also accepts a whole Flat Bread.
P foodTofu, foodCheese, foodProteinCooked One required. A Protein such as VFP's cheese, all cooked standard and VFP meats, soy protein (modded tofu), "meat dishes" like VFP's meat and fish kebabs and (modded) meatloaf, etc. Also accepts VFP's Roasted Cactus Pads or Roasted Vegetables to allow for vegetarian sandwiches with only standard game foods.
V foodKebabVeggie, foodLightGreens All optional. A Vegetable or Green Salad ingredient including VFP's own Veggie Kebabs and Roasted Vegetables.
C ingredientCondiment All optional. Any condiment like ingredient such as Mayonnaise, ketchup (modded), or even a Bit o' Salt.

All generic deckers look the same. Their textures pay homage to the sandwich found in TerraFirmaCraft (TFC) after which all deckers are patterned. The resulting decker's tooltip contains an alphabetized summary of its contents and the food value it has left.

-or- -or-

-or- -or-...

The food value of the final sandwich depends on the food value of the combined ingredients with a per-use portion estimated to be that of a standard loaf of bread or 5 food points (N x ). The sandwich's final saturation is a proportion weighted sum of its ingredient saturations. If the sandwich has some complexity, VFP adds an "Effort Bonus" of 4pts at saturation 1.


Mod Integration

VFP integrates many of the following mods' food or crop items automatically: Pam's HarvestCraft, 10pak's RealWorld, Aquaculture, and Animania. If your favorite item is missing (it should fit into one of the food categories described in the table above), you can raise an enhancement request.


Because deckers use a custom dynamic recipe, it's not possible for CookingForBlockheads to know how to make every combination of possible deckers based on your cabinets' contents! Besides, the whole point of the decker sandwich is to let you decide what to put in your sandwich from stuff you've got handy, not food the VFP authors think would make a good sandwich!

The Spice of Life

If you're using the SoL mod with diminishing returns, each use of any multi-use food including decker sandwiches still counts towards your totals for that food or the food's group! This greatly reduces the utility of adhoc deckers unless you create a custom formula for them (vanillafoodpantry:decker:0 and vanillafoodpantry:decker:3).

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Packaged Deckers

There are several pre-packaged decker sandwiches in the mod. These deckers each have a unique predefined recipe and don't rely on the general decker layout. If you don't use many modded foods and crops, the packaged deckers may be all you need.

Crafting a chicken decker

Crafting an onion steak decker

Crafting a cuban decker

There is also a pre-packaged Cheese Steak Decker and a Roasted Mutton Decker.

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The Lumberjack

This is an insane sandwich; but it's a good craziness. The original that humans actually consume (as seen in a diner stop on a very long roadtrip) is even more eye-poppingly artery clogging! Based on vanilla ingredients, the minimum food value of this decker is 37 points (6x ) with saturation as good as a golden carrot. If you switch the bread to VFP's enriched bread or other sandwich bread, you can pack even more value into a single sandwich.

Crafting a Lumberjack decker sandwich

You don't have to use Pink Mash specifically to make this decker. If you have a mod that defines items under foodBreadSandwich, foodMashedpotato, foodEggFried, or foodRedMeatCooked you can use those items. VFP takes care of integration with Harvestcraft. Note that you do need to use VFP's Grilled Cactus Pad.

Crafting a Lumberjack decker with Harvestcraft (Possible Harvestcraft variant)

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King-Me! Deckers

A King-Me! decker is made by stacking other sandwiches on top of each other (checkers or draughts style hence the name "king-me!"). You're allowed to stack up to three(3) edible sandwiches of any kind provided they've been registered under foodSandwich. The Decker Press MUST be placed in the bottom-rightmost slot just as you do for general decker sandwiches.

Crafting a 'King Me' decker sandwich

There is a limit to the total food value of a King-Me decker sandwich as well as a limit to the food value of other decker sandwiches that you can use as ingredients. A decker sandwich (of any kind) cannot have a food value of 26pts or higher to be used in a King-Me decker. A King-Me decker sandwich itself can only have a total food value of 80pts (or 10 cooked steaks, 10x ) at most.

Crafting a 'King Me' decker of other deckers

You can use other modded sandwiches in a King Me decker like the generic deckers. Below are some examples from the Harvestcraft and RealWorld mods.

A foot-long, fish taco, and chicken sandwich arrive on deck...

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