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VFP Veggies

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VFP: More Veg(ish) Food!

As of: mc1.11.2-3.2 (Aug-2017)

VFP's focus is on making standard Minecraft fruit and vegetables more useful to players. However, modded items are also supported through the Forge Ore-Id registry. VFP will automatically integrate Harvestcraft and RealWorld crops and any other mod's items that are registered under the appropriate id as detailed in each section below.

Pumpkin Slices

VFP allows you to use standard pumpkins as a direct food source in addition to its usual use in pumpkin pie. To get edible pumpkin you slice a pumpkin block like you would slice up a melon block using a Flint Cutter on a crafting table. Smelt the Pumpkin Slices to get Roasted Pumpkin. The roasted item restores 2 food points (), the raw slice just 1 point (). There are also many recipes that can use raw and roasted pumpkin slices as ingredients.

Crafting Pumpkin Slices

Roasting Pumpkin Slices

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Roasted Vegetables

Roasted Vegetables are derived from prepared Raw Vegetables. Raw vegetables are primarily standard vegetables (vanilla or VFP based on vanilla) with some allowance for modded vegetables. The basic recipe is shown below; the top and bottom rows are required as shown. You can use any food item registered under ingredientKebabFill for the middle row; standard items in this category include red and brown mushrooms, apples, and beetroot. Typical modded items include onions, zucchini, and bell peppers.

Prepping Raw Vegetables

You can eat raw vegetables directly (), use them for Veggie Kebabs, or smelt them for Roasted Vegetables. Roasting increases the food value of the raw vegetables by 50% for a small loss in saturation (3x ).

Roasting Raw Vegetables

You can also split the roasted vegetables into three smaller portions for use in other recipes like Pocket Sandwiches, Over-Stuffed Potatoes, and others.

Splitting Roasted Vegetables to portions

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Cleaned Mushrooms

VFP allows you to clean red and brown mushrooms so you can eat them directly. You can also clean modded mushrooms that have been registered under the foodMushroom id. To clean a mushroom, either right click it directly on a water source or use a crafting table with a Bit o' Water as shown below. Each cleaned mushroom restores 2pts of food value like a cookie but with better saturation ().

Cleaning a mushroom

In general, you can use mushrooms in many more ways with VFP than in the standard game. For example, you use them in Cave Stew, Mushroom Egg Pies, Deep Fried Mushrooms, and Roasted Vegetables. But most importantly, you need mushrooms to create Leavening Agent which is required for Dough that all our breads require.

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Roasted Seeds

VFP adds Roasted Pumpkin Seeds and Roasted Sunflower Seeds as snack items similar to cookies (). You can also use roasted sunflower seeds for Seed Oil and Sunflower Butter, a peanut butter alternative. You can create both items on a regular crafting grid using a Bit o' Heat.

Roasting Sunflower Seeds with Bit o' Heat

Provided there isn't another smelting recipe installed, you can also smelt a single sunflower to get 24 roasted seeds. This setup may be more useful for continuous bulk production of roasted seeds for Seed Oil.

Roasting Pumpkin Seeds with Bit o' Heat

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Caramelized Alliums

You can prepare Alliums to make caramelized and sauteed ingredients for Sandwiches and Allium Egg Pie. The basic idea is that you're chopping up the green bulby (make believe) parts of the allium plant, to use as you would an onion or a leek.

Crafting Chopped Alliums

With the prepared allium you can create Caramelized Alliums and Sauteed Allium Mix (both recipes will also accept anything registered under the foodOnion id in place of the prepped alliums).

Crafting Caramelized Alliums

Crafting Sauteed Alliums and Mushrooms

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Edible Cactus

VFP allows you to prepare standard cactus for use as a direct food source. You can create Steamed Cactus Heart for use like greens in salad or on sandwiches, and you can cut and de-spine the green side pads of the block for roasting.

Crafting Steamed Cactus Heart ()

You can use Roasted Cactus Pads as a vegetable ingredient in many of the mod's recipes. First you need to prepare the pad for roasting like you do with Raw Vegetables. A raw cactus pad restores 4 food points () and a roasted one restores 6 () making them pretty good to eat all by themselves!

Preparing Cactus Pads

Roasting Cactus Pads

Example Use In Recipes

A Llama and Cactus Decker! Uses steamed cactus hearts like any green vegetable.

Using Edible Cactus In Recipe 2

A Veggie Kebab. Uses prepared cactus pads as the main ingredient. Yumilicious as-is or roasted!

Using Edible Cactus In Recipe 1

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Molasses Glazed Carrots

Carrots are one of the first and easiest foods for a player to obtain. As with mushrooms, VFP provides many more ways to use carrots for food than just eating them raw. Molasses Glazed Carrots is a recipe designed for carrots specifically. It lets you create a dish that works as its own meal (restores ) or as a salad or sandwich ingredient.

Crafting Molasses Glazed Carrots

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