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HTTP Shortcuts for Android

HTTP Shortcuts

GitHub release (latest SemVer) F-Droid

A simple Android app that allows you to create shortcuts that can be placed on your home screen. Each shortcut, when clicked, triggers an HTTP request, with the possibility to process and display the response in various ways.

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or download the latest APK directly.

Find more information and documentation on the official website.

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  • Supports HTTP and HTTPS, and methods GET, POST, PUT, DELETE, PATCH, HEAD, OPTIONS and TRACE
  • Basic Authentication, Digest Authentication & Bearer Authentication
  • Custom request headers
  • Custom request body (text or from file)
  • Upload files as form-data
  • Client Certificate Authentication
  • Support for TLSv1.3
  • Support for HTTP proxies
  • Built-in icons, support for Ipack icons and custom icons
  • Display response as a toast, window or dialog, or run silently
  • Display response as HTML-formatted text, as image or as web page
  • Grouping into categories through tabs
  • Value injection through variables (e.g., text, numbers, passwords, selections, colors, dates, …)
  • Run arbitrary JavaScript before & after execution, including special actions (e.g., vibrate, show toast, parse and process response…),
  • Import & Export in JSON or cURL format
  • Wake-on-LAN support
  • 3rd party integration (e.g. Tasker or Macrodroid)
  • Themes (with Dark Mode support)
  • Remote editing on computer

See also the Changelog for the latest additions and updates.


Main Screen Creation Menu Shortcut Editor Built-In Icons Authentication Settings Scripting Code Snippet Picker Categories Variables Variable Editor Settings Import / Export Display Response with Meta Data