Active learning and annotation tool for morphological segmentation
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morphsegannot - Active learning and annotation tool for morphological segmentation

This code is published as is, despite being ugly and difficult to use.
The author does NOT promise to support it in the future.

Installation and usage instructions below the fold:


## create a virtual environment
virtualenv -p python3 morphsegannot
cd morphsegannot
source bin/activate

## clone git repositories
git clone
git clone
git clone

## install everything
cd morphsegannot/
python install
cd ../morfessor/
python install
cd ../flatcat/
python install
cd ..

## prepare the data directory
mkdir -p data/input
mkdir -p data/generated
mkdir -p data/output
cp -i morphsegannot/examples/config.json data/

## place the data
# put your tokenized, preprocessed corpus in
#   data/input/corpus.txt
# split your wordlist, and put the partitions in:
#   data/input/trainpool.words
#   data/input/devpool.words
#   data/input/testpool.words

## train initial unsupervised morfessor models
morfessor-train --traindata-list data/input/trainpool.words -S data/generated/baseline.gz
# note: a different perplexity theshold than 75 may be more suitable for your data
flatcat-train data/generated/baseline.gz -p ${PPL} -s data/generated/0.flatcat.tar.gz

## select words to annotate using Initial/Final Substrings strategy
# set the number of words to annotate using the -n flag 1 ifsubstrings_5n \
    --model data/generated/0.flatcat.tar.gz \
    -n 300 \
    --pooldir data/input/ \
    --outdir data/generated

## extract sentence contexts \
    data/input/corpus.txt \
    data/input/devpool.words \
    data/input/testpool.words \
    data/generated/1.train.ifsubstrings_5n.unseen.selected \
    > data/generated/contexts.json

## annotate
# navigate your browser to http://localhost:8080/
# hardcoded username and password are 'username' and 'password', unless you changed them

## process collected annotations

# note: for potentially better results, optimize alpha for the unsupervised models at this point

## train supervised morfessor models
# note: these alpha values are examples only
# the optimal value for your data may lie outside this range
ALPHAS="0.3 0.5 0.7 0.9"
# note: this heuristic beta formula is optimized for Finnish
# you may want to include beta in your grid search
U_SIZE=$(wc -l data/input/trainpool.words | cut -d ' ' -f 1)
A_SIZE=$(wc -l data/output/1.ifsubstrings_5n.annots | cut -d ' ' -f 1)
DEV_SIZE=$(wc -l data/output/dev.annots | cut -d ' ' -f 1)
TEST_SIZE=$(wc -l data/output/test.annots | cut -d ' ' -f 1)
echo "Data set sizes: unannotated ${U_SIZE} annotated ${A_SIZE} dev ${DEV_SIZE} test ${TEST_SIZE}"
BETA=$(python -c "import math as m; print(int(m.exp(1.9+.8*m.log(${U_SIZE})+.6*m.log(${A_SIZE}))))")
echo "Using beta ${BETA}"

for ALPHA in ${ALPHAS}
    flatcat-train data/generated/0.flatcat.tar.gz -p ${PPL} \
        -A data/output/1.ifsubstrings_5n.annots \
        -w ${ALPHA} -W ${BETA} \
        -s data/generated/1.flatcat.alpha${ALPHA}.beta${BETA}.tar.gz

## evaluate supervised models
flatcat-evaluate --sample ${DEV_SIZE} --num-samples 1 \
    data/output/dev.annots \