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Wakanda Application Framework wiki


While Wakanda Server does much of the “heavy lifting” in order to provide a fast back end for your applications, it requires an advanced framework on the client side to keep things running smoothly. The Wakanda Framework (aka WAF) is comprised of a data provider to communicate with the server, interface widgets for the browser-based front end, and a datasource that comes in between.


The Wakanda Framework is usually embedded in the Wakanda Studio and the Wakanda Server. It might still be hosted on a CDN (Content Delivery Network), a proxy should then redirect the request made to “/walib/WAF/”.


- the official site
- the documentation
- the Learning Center
- the forum
- the bug tracker

Nightly builds & ChangeLog

The nightly builds are all available on the download page
A ChangeLog is available for each.


See the Contributing License Agreement is coming soon.


The FAQ, available on the official website answers common questions people have about Wakanda.