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Processing Playground

P5_Playground is a multi-purpose repository meant to document visual experiments in the form of daily sketches, collect useful tools for later use, and write articles about said visual experiments. The repository initially started as a 30 Days of Processing repository, but it has now snowballed to become a more encompassing resource.

The playground is different from a dedicated library repository as it relies on the fact that a daily contribution must be made to maintain the iterative process and the flow of ideas. I've noticed recently (this was written on June 19th, 2018) that several notable creative coders have adopted this as a mantra, and I particularly like Zach Lieberman's description of his motivation in this article, which falls in line directly with the spirit of this playground. Additionally, if an idea becomes recurrent and mature enough, I will split it to its own repo, whether it's a one-off project or a light-weight library.