Testing threading in NodeJS/Express Applications & LoadTesting
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Testing threading in NodeJS/Express Applications & LoadTesting

This Project is created to test the differences in NodeJS for CPU Intensive Tasks against high concurrency requests for a single threaded application vs a multi threaded application as well as the feasibility of using multithreaded applications in NodeJS.


NodeJS, NPM, loadtest, express, request

Install loadtest to perform the load testing and swap between the two branches: hostedVM and hostedVM_multicore

Use the command:

loadtest -t 20 -c 100 http://localhost:3030/fib?num=25  

to test a concurrency of 100 requests over 20 seconds, on a CPU intensive task of generating a fibonnaci sequence depth 25.

On a system with 2 GB of Ram and 4 processors the following results were attained:

(Simplified Results, full results in a spreadsheet i have / will post blog on this) Fibo - Sequence of 25:

  • No Threads: -t 20 -c 32 : 8297 requests, average latency: 70, max latency: 244, Requests Per Second: 447

  • 4 Threads: -t 20 -c 32 : 15196 requests, average latency: 40, max Latency: 305, Requests Per Second: 760

  • No Threads: -t 20 -c 200 : 8110 requests, average latency: 480, max latency: 7364, Requests Per Second: 405

  • 4 Threads: -t 20 -c 200 : 14498 requests, average latency: 330, max latency: 1062, Requests Per Second: 596

  • No Threads: -t 20 -c 1000 : 8178 requests, average latency: 2510, max latency: 16256, Requests Per Second: 2510

  • 4 Threads: -t 20 -c 1000 : 14923 requests, average latency: 1350, max latency: 7641, Requests Per Second: 718

Overall, 4 threads (probably wasn't using all 4 to be honest, it was on a VM) increased the throughput of the program by about 45%, and reduced the average and max latency by varying significant amounts.