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#Quad Pong


QuadPong is a four player online pong game, played out on the server & rendered on the client. The purpose of the project is to practice server side architecture, client synchronization, physics and vector mathematics by making a simple multiplayer game with rooms, etc.

Multiplayer has just been added and is still in testing.

###Run the Game:


  • NodeJS

  • NPM

To Play:

  1. Pull the Git Repository down to your server or computer

  2. Change directory to the new repository: cd QuadPong/

  3. Run: npm install

  4. Run: npm start or node server.js

  5. Navigate in your browser to: http://localhost:3000 to play the game!


Also, you can edit the game settings in app/config/settings.json to fiddle around with the gameplay. It'll change on the client side too.


  • 09-15-2015: Initial Multiplayer Functionality is now added! You can test this by creating a game on one browser and creating a game and opening another browser and joining a game.

Open Source Libraries Used:

A list of open source libraries included in this project, all other code is my own: