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RobotGestures - A Walabot Application

A simple Walabot application that allows you control a Pololu DRV8835 Dual Motor Driver Kit through Walabot gestures.

What does the Walabot Do?

  • The app uses the Walabot sensor to detect a hand inside it's arena.
  • The Z axis is used to control the driving speed when the hand is positioned at the middle of the arena.
  • The Y axis is used to control the rotation speed when the hand is positioned at one of the arena sides.

How to use

  1. Install the Walabot SDK and the WalabotAPI Python library using pip.
  2. Install the Paramiko library.
  3. Install the Python library for the Pololu DRV8835 Dual Motor Driver Kit for Raspberry Pi.
  4. Raspberry Pi only: Configure it to work with Walabot (explained below).
  5. Configure the SSH settings in the code to match yours (lines 80-82 in
  6. Position the Walabot as the image below.
  7. Run and start driving! 🚙 🚗 🚕

IMPORTANT NOTE: Current Walabot settings are for Walabot Developer (formerly Walabot Pro).

Configure the Raspberry Pi

The Raspberry Pi is an excellent tool for makers, but it is limited in the current it can send to the Walabot.
Add the following lines to the end of the file at /boot/config.txt in order to configure it to work:


Positioning the Walabot

Positioning the Walabot

Editing the code

'Walabot Settings' variables are necessary to configure the Walabot arena.
'Raspberry PI Settings' variables are required to connect to the device over SSH.

Walabot Settings - the Walabot class

  • R_MIN, R_MAX, R_RES: Walabot SetArenaR parameters. Determines how low (from it's location) the Walabot will "see".
  • THETA_MIN, THETA_MAX, THETA_RES: Walabot SetArenaTheta parameters. The theta axis is ignored in this app, those values should always be the "lowest" possible.
  • PHI_MIN, PHI_MAX, PHI_RES: Walabot SetArenaPhi parameters. Used to set how "far" the Walabot will "see" (from it's location).
  • THRESHOLD: Walabot SetThreshold parameter. Lower this value if you wish to detect objects smaller the a man's head.

A comprehensive explanation about the Walabot imaging features can be found here.

Raspberry PI Settings - the RaspberryPi class

  • HOST: The Raspberry PI ip.
  • USERNAME: The Raspberry PI OS username.
  • PASSWORD: The Raspberry PI OS user's password.