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Gyazaux server

Gyazo server modified from Ben Alman's "Gyazo.. on your own server".

Note: As with the original, there is no authentication; anyone can upload if they know the URL of the PHP file. If this is a concern, try naming it something difficult to guess.

When used with Gyazaux client, allows uploads with custom file names and JPG files (previously only PNG, like regular Gyazo).

Files uploaded with the same name will have a counter appended. e.g., attempting to upload hi.jpg while hi1.jpg and hi2.jpg exist will result in hi3.jpg being uploaded. jpgs and pngs have different counters.

Uploads can optionally be sent to separate directories based on date.


gd (for image creation) and exif (to check image type) need to be enabled in your php.ini. I'm not aware of any other dependencies at this time.