A flexible html input masking library built on jQuery
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A flexible html input masking library built on jQuery. Can handle not just simple masks like phone numbers and SSN, but comma separated numbers and even dates.

Project Status: Stable Inactive

This code has been in production use for a number of years now. There are currently no plans to enhance it. However, bugs will be addressed.

Installation and Use

Download the jquery.rangerMask.js file from the master branch and include in your scripts. This is dependent on jQuery and was developed against version 1.6.2, but later versions should be compatible. Check out demo.html for examples of how to use it. Define new masks with RangerMask.define("...") or use one of the standard masks already defined on the RangerMask object (search jquery.rangerMask.js for "Define standard masks" to see the full list). Apply masks to inputs in jQuery style using $('<selector>').rangerMask(maskObject).