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React components that take after Samsung's One UI design spec | ReactJS
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One UI React Components

Not everything is 100% up to the spec by samsung, See the official One UI page at

Getting Started



OneButton ScreenShot

Import OneButton from the components folder.
if you using the button from another component, then just import it from the OneButton folder.

//importing from app.js
import OneButton from './components/OneButton/OneButton'

//importing from another component
import OneButton from './OneButton/OneButton'

Every 'OneButton' has 3 props you can pass it

  • name
  • color
  • action

Example of a red button...

//no action
<OneButton name={'RED BUTTON'} color={'GradientRed'}/>

//with action
let exampleFunction => {console.log('red button')}
<OneButton name={'RED BUTTON'} color={'GradientRed'} action={exampleFunction}/>
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