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#Build Requirements In order to build the website, the following tools/libraries are needed:

# pacman -S fontforge imagemagick python python-jinja python-pillow python-dateutil python-requests python-pygments
$ pacaur -S jpgcrush scour webify woff2 python-joblib

If the python-<x> packages aren't available in your distribution, they may be installed via pip instead:

$ pip install jinja2 Pillow python-dateutil requests

Additionally, the following npm utilities are needed:

$ pacman -S npm
# Do in mooooo/ directory; it should create node_modules/
$ npm install tex-equation-to-svg

Note: All python code is written for Python 3, not Python 2.x.

#Hosting Requirements To host on IPFS, just install (and initialize) ipfs and pin the build directory:

# pacman -S go-ipfs
$ ipfs init


$ ipfs add -r build/
$ ipfs pin add /ipfs/Qmxxxxx