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import json
import struct
import decimal
import wallaroo
def application_setup(args):
in_host, in_port = wallaroo.tcp_parse_input_addrs(args)[0]
out_host, out_port = wallaroo.tcp_parse_output_addrs(args)[0]
ll_host, ll_port = wallaroo.tcp_parse_input_addrs(args)[1]
ab = wallaroo.ApplicationBuilder("gdax alerts")
# Pipeline to store alerts and the corresponding user
ab.new_pipeline("Load users created alerts",
wallaroo.TCPSourceConfig(ll_host, ll_port, decoder))
ab.to_stateful(save_alert, Alerts, "user set alerts")
# Pipeline to calculate current bitcoin price from gdax
ab.new_pipeline("Average BTC price",
wallaroo.TCPSourceConfig(in_host, in_port, decoder))
# State object, current_price
# Update the moving
ab.to_stateful(calculate_and_update_average_price, BTCPrice,
"Calculate and update the average price")
# Alerts are map of `price: [user_ids]`
# Alert.update lookup users, return and replace with None
# Send to another application, that then calls a cellery task
Alerts, "user set alerts")
ab.to_sink(wallaroo.TCPSinkConfig(out_host, out_port, encoder))
# To save the alerts
class Alerts(object):
def __init__(self):
self.alerts = dict()
def add(self, alert_price, user_id):
old_value = self.alerts.get(alert_price, set([]))
self.alerts[alert_price] = old_value.union(set([user_id]))
def remove(self, alert_price):
self.alerts.pop(alert_price, None)
class BTCPrice(object):
def __init__(self):
self.count = 0 = decimal.Decimal()
self.average = decimal.Decimal()
@wallaroo.state_computation(name="save alert")
def save_alert(data, alerts):
alerts.add(data['price'], data['user_id'])
return (None, True)
@wallaroo.computation(name="extract price")
def extract_price(data):
return (data["price"], True)
@wallaroo.state_computation(name="calculate and update the average price")
def calculate_and_update_average_price(price, btc_price): = decimal.Decimal(price[0]) +
btc_price.count += 1
btc_price.average = / btc_price.count
return (btc_price, True)
@wallaroo.state_computation(name="maybe send notification")
def maybe_send_alerts_based_on_average_price(btc_price, alerts):
notify = {}
for (k,v) in alerts.alerts.items():
if decimal.Decimal(k) <= btc_price.average:
notify[k] = list(v)
if notify:
notify["average_price"] = str(btc_price.average)
return (notify, True)
return (None, False)
@wallaroo.decoder(header_length=4, length_fmt=">I")
def decoder(data):
json_data = json.loads(data.decode("utf-8"))
return json_data
def encoder(data):
output = json.dumps(data)
payload = bytes(output)
return payload