Displaying ETH transactions to an Ethereum Address as a Leaderboard
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Donation Leaderboard

This web-application allows the display of transactions to an address on the Ethereum blockchain as a leaderboard.

Important: We use branches to deploy separate leaderboards! The master is intended as a easy-to-fork template and currently looks like this.


Production ready!

First instance deployed - see ScalingNOW!!! campaign

Second instance deployed - see Giveth Donation Leaderboard

Third instance deployed - see EIP0 campaign

Fourth instance deployed - see DAppNode Donation Leaderboard

Fifth instance deployed - see Camp Decentral campaign


We use different branches to build out the leaderboard for different initiatives to deploy directly from their branch. If you are a contributor to a specific deploy please stay within that branch and don't commit back to Master.


After the great success of the Merry Merkle project by TrueBit Team - they managed to collect over 130.000€ in ETH donations for a local charity project, we at Giveth figured it would be great if more Ethereum projects could use such a tool.

After playing with our fork a bit, we still decided to build our own tool, because we found the original project very specialized for its cause and we would love to make a tool that can be of general use for many other developers down the line.


This project is actively seeking contributions. If you are experienced with web3 and/or React, please don't hesitate to contact the repository owner @geleeroyale on GitHub or Riot.im


The mission - should you accept it - is to build out a react leaderboard frontend and a web3 backend that can monitor an address for transactions. Please see the Issue List for details on tasks.


1 - Star, Fork and Clone the repository

2 - Go to your local repo directory and run npm install (requires npm)

3 - Visit the Issue List or the Planning Board


  • Etherscan API (should be switched to open blockexplorer/scraper - see issues)
  • web3.js
  • glamor
  • Reactjs via create-react-app


This project was bootstrapped with Create React App.

Below you will find some information on how to perform common tasks.
You can find the most recent version of this guide here.


Eth-Scaling graphic by @cleo