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Ethereum middleware for composing an ethereum provider using json-rpc-engine. Intended to replace provider-engine.
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test clean - remove log Mar 18, 2019
.gitignore readme - finally add one Mar 18, 2019
block-cache.js block-cache - support for perma cache strategy Mar 18, 2019
block-reemit.js block-remit now creates new request with modified block ref + new mid… Oct 8, 2018
block-ref.js re-add original block-ref middleware as block-ref-rewrite Oct 8, 2018
cache-utils.js don't pass the block for eth_estimateGas Oct 9, 2018
fetch.js fetch - make 'Failed to fetch' errors retriable Oct 19, 2018
inflight-cache.js inflight-cache - fix skipCache flag Mar 18, 2019
package-lock.json remove babel-core Jul 25, 2019
package.json remove babel-core Jul 25, 2019
providerAsMiddleware.js add providerAsMiddleware utility Apr 9, 2018
providerEngineSubproviderAsMiddleware.js bug fix for providerEngineSubproviderAsMiddleware.js Oct 11, 2017
providerFromEngine.js providerFromEngine provider now supports events Oct 4, 2018
providerFromMiddleware.js add providerFromMiddleware util May 17, 2018
retryOnEmpty.js retryOnEmpty - explicit exit on 'pending' and improve comments Oct 12, 2018
scaffold.js point scaffold at json-rpc-engine version Jan 18, 2018
stats.js stats - fix elapsed time calculation Oct 11, 2017
vm.js vm - update ethereumjs-vm and fix import ref May 16, 2019
wallet.js add typed data v0 support Dec 5, 2018

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