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WalletConnect Bridge Server ⏮️🖥️⏭️

Bridge Server for relaying WalletConnect connections

Development 🧪

Local dev work is using local self signed certificates within the docker environment.

Your Walletconnect enabled app needs to be on the same local network.

make dev # ports 80, 443, 5001, 6379 will be exposed locally

Production 🗜️

Setting up docker 🎚️


  • git
  • docker
  • make

You will need to have docker swarm enabled:

docker swarm init
# If you get the following error: `could not chose an IP address to advertise...`. You can do the following:
docker swarm init --advertise-addr `curl -s`

Deploying 🚀

Run the following command and fill in the prompts:

git clone
cd node-walletconnect-bridge
make deploy
Bridge URL domain: <your bridge domain>
Email for SSL certificate (default

Additional Monitoring with Grafana

If you want a grafana dashboard you can use the following commands:

git clone
cd node-walletconnect-bridge
make deploy-monitoring
Bridge URL domain: <your bridge domain>
Email for SSL certificate (default

For this to work you must point grafana.<bridge domain> to the same ip as <bridge domain>.

Cloudflare Support

The config step of the Makefile will ask you whether you are using cloudflare as a DNS proxy for your bridge domain. If you answer yes then the certbot will need a Cloudflare API token that can be obtained from: The type of token you need is a Edit zone DNS with access to the bridge domain.

The API token will be safeguarded with a docker secret.


This will upgrade your current bridge with minimal downtime.

⚠️ ATTENTION: This will run git fetch && git merge origin/master in your repo ⚠️

make upgrade

Monitoring 📜

This stack deploys 3 containers one of redis, nginx and node.js. You can follow the logs of the nginx container by running the following command:

docker service logs --raw -f walletconnect_nginx