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! = not P = present 2 = to PR = predict F = future & = and A = act B = better 1 = one GI = general intelligence = ability 2 PR the F & A on it 2 B every1 I = influence E = earth || = or ur = your HB = human brain u = you R = right x = number of times q realized q was wrong about something important

it's !possible in the P 2 PR the F of GIs & how the 1st GI will I the F on E. it's better 2 !seek power || popularity because it will corrupt ur HB. instead A how u independently think is R. ~ q x... liu

it's not possible in the present to predict the future of general intelligences and how the 1st general intelligence will influence the future on earth. it's better to not seek power or popularity because it will corrupt your human brain. instead act how you independently think is right. ~ q 740... liu

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